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Salat Reminder App For Fajar Prayer

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Mostly people who sleep at late light and especially teenager feel difficult to wake up early in the morning for offering fajr Prayer so for this issue simple install the Smartphone Salat Reminder App to awake at the exact timing of Fajr.





Click Here to Download Salat Reminder App for Android


Click Here to Download Salat Reminder App for iPhone



Features of this App:-


Set Alarm: Easily set alarm for all the regular prayers as well as Ishraq Prayer.


Shake: This is an interested feature in this app to turn off the alarm by depending the number of shakes e.g. 5, 10, 15.


Alarm Sound: 6 Sound for the alarm by selecting one of them. (3 Adhan tunes,3 other tunes)


Juristic: Two options     *Hanafi   *Shafii


For Further Features Download this App and Enjoy.

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