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Kids Wudu Series – Islamic Learning Application For Kids

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Seeking Islamic education was difficult in the past but now with the improvement and advancements in the technology has overcome the difficulties of parents to teach their children Islamic education. Kids Wudu Series is an example of Islamic learning application which guides Muslims to learn the step by step procedure of performing wudu. It’s a free application for all age groups to learn how to make wudu properly.








Important Features


1.   Kids are fond of playing games therefore wudhu game in the app will help them to memorize the steps while playing the wudhu game


2.   For the converted Muslims there is a complete information with valid hadiths and authentic Sunnah related to the wudu to identify the importance of wudu


3.   Read the preventive measures in the tips and warning section to identify whether your wudu is intact or not


4.   A sequential graphical images representing the step by step wudu procedure


Note: If you find any mistake do not hesitate to ask us. Provide us your feedback in the review section to improve the errors.

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