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Best Tips For Weight Loss

Ramiz ALI

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It is a Sunnah to have meal once a day. If there is any physical weakness then you can take it twice a day.Whether you dine once or twice a day, a prerequisite is to eat less than hunger. Try to avoid dinning thrice a day or other random food intakes. However, If you feel hungry in the intermediary time and you want to eat something then it is suggested to eat cucumber, Kakri (it is also a sort of cucumber), salad leaves or diet apple.

The food intake that you absorb in,their recipe should be the vegetables cooked in a very low quantity of oil and that quantity of oil can be a half tablespoon or it can be boiled vegetables.In vegetables, please avoid eating potatoes. The food you take once 

or twice, it should contain salad etc and boiled vegetables cooked in a little oil, say half a teaspoonful. Avoid eating potatoes. If it is 

compulsory to eat rice or chapatti then it is suggested to eat only half of the bread with the aforementioned vegetables. There should only be half a cup of water to boil rice; consume only a small piece of meat without fats. If it is necessary to eat mango, then a half mango of a medium weight once a week is good enough.

The best treatment to avoid many stomach disorders and other diseases is to chew the food in such a way that it should be galloped down through throat like water. If you want to take tea then take it with skimmed milk and without sugar. If it is troublesome to take tea without sugar then add a sweetener after consultation with your doctor (it is said that the sweetener is injurious to brain). If you are not suffering from diabetes then if possible, you can add honey or raw sugar/treacle. (Take twice a day a half medium cup of tea)

Try to avoid 

- fats, cholesterol,cooking oil, yolk of an egg;

- dairy products like butter, cheese and various different cholesterol dishes;

- sweet and creamy biscuits, diverse desserts like custard, porridge, firm, fruit jelly, cake, pastries, chocolates and toffees;

- salty fried articles;

- creamy and sweet sustenance, ice cream, cold drinks, fruit juice;

- fast food like pizza, butter loaf, puriyan, kachoriyan, pakoray, kebabs, samosay, omelette,etc. and everything in which oil and sweetness can be found. 

Insha Allah there will be reduction in the weight and you Insha Allah. will look slim (by following this chart). The doctors also have a food chart through which the average of weight can be maintained. Obesity should be controlled only through abstinence of food after consultation with your family doctor. But, it is requested that weight should not be reduced with the help of anti-obesity medicines because it has side effects, and are injurious to health.


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