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بریلویوں سے ایک اور چھوٹا سا سوال

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abdul wahab sahib, tamam swaal ka jawab country MARAKASH waloon say pooch lain k calendar year main un ka sub say bara din 12 rabi ul awwal hay ,pooray mulak main chutti hoti hay. saaray mulak main jashan manaatay hain.light jhandiaan, lgaatay hain. un say poochain wo kion manatay hain. indoneshia, malyshia, india, kairala estate kali kut estate main pata karain. aaj say 100 saal peechay jeddah, makkha, madina k logoon say poochain. jeddah say jaloos makkha aata tha and laaltain ke line laga kar roshni kartay thay . jalaibeeaan baanttay thay. ya to moujooda saudi govt nay aa kar khatam kia. marakash k log brailvee naheen, hum un k followers hain. baat saari ya hay.


umeed hay wahan say pata kar k is foroumn par share karain gay. marakash walay malki hain. indoneshia, malyshia, kairala estate walay SHAAFI han. wo kion manatay hain. hanfi wrong,shafi wrong, malki wrong,hanblee wrong, sirf ABDUL WAHAB sachaa. wah bhaee wah daleel say baat karain

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