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Respect For Parents & Teachers

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Question I: How should we treat our parents? What has Allah ,.144, ordered us? 


Answer: Allah, has ordered as to treat our parents with kindness. Allah has stated in Sura'a `Ankabut: 
"We have insisted on man to be kind towards parents." 
(Translation of Quran)


Question 2: In the light of Ahadith, state the excellence in treating the parents with respect. 
Answer: The Holy Prophet has said: 'If a pious child looks at his parents with affection, Allah records the reward of an accepted Hajj for him for every glance of his.' 
Question 3: What Dua should we make regularly for our parents?
Answer: We should make this Du'a regularly for our parents: 
" Have mercy on them both, as they nourished me 
when I was young."
(Translation of Quran)
Question 4: How should we talk to our parents? 
Answer: We should talk to our parents in a low voice with our gaze lowered. We should not talk loudly in their presence. 
Question 5: How should we behave our parents? 
Answer: We should instantly reply to them when they call us, listen to them attentively, carry out their orders and refrain from whatever they forbid us. 
Question 6: What are our parents' favors to us? 
Answer: There are countless favors of our parents to us. They provide us with food, clothing, education and other needs and take care of our health. Therefore, we should also treat them with great respect. 

Respect for teachers 
There is a very sacred relation between a teacher and a student. A student should consider his Islamic teacher to be greater in status than even his father because parents only protect their child from the troubles of the worldly life, whereas the Islamic teacher protects him from the difficulties of the afterlife and hellfire. 


Even if you have learnt only a single letter from a teacher, treat him with respect. The Holy Prophet has said: 'One who teaches a single verse of the Holy Quran to someone, is his master'?


  • Honour your teacher even in his absence and do not sit at his seat. 
  • Do not get ahead of your teacher while walking with hint. 
  • It is a cause of deprivation to lie to your teacher. Hence always speak the truth. 
  • Do not make an eye contact with the teacher. Instead, lower your gaze in his presence. 
  • Make Du'a for your parents and teachers after every Sala'. 
  • It is necessary for you to respect even those teachers of your institution who do not teach you. 
  • Refrain from being ungrateful towards the teacher as it is harmful and destructive. It even ruins the blessings of knowledge. The Beloved and Blessed Prophet has said: One who has not thanked the people, has not thanked Allah
  • Do seek permission from the teacher every time you go out or come into the class. 
  • Follow the schedule prepared for you by the teacher, at Madrasa, School, College, University and at home. Recite your lesson to the teacher on time. This will cause him to make Du'a for you from the bottom of his heart. 
  • The strictness of the teacher should be considered as a blessing. There is a famous saying: 'One who cannot tolerate the strictness of his teacher, has to face hardships in his life.'


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