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All Graves Appear Similar, But From Inside...

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Dear Islamic brothers! All of you would have certainly visited graveyards at one or another occasion. Did you ever reflect on the message of the mournful air and the grief filled atmosphere caning out, '0 those who are content with the luxuries of this world! Every single one of you will have to come here in solitude one day or mother and will have to go into the deep ditch of the grave. Remember! These graves, which seem identhal from outside are not necessarily same from the inside. Yes! lithe one buried under this pile of soil would have offered his Salah regularly, fasted in Ramadan-ul-Mubarak. performed Aeitikaf for the entire month (of Ramadan) or at least the Last 10 days, would have been devotee of the month of Ramadan, given full Zakah in the case of becoming Fard on him, earned Halal income, would have been contented with just sufficient amount of Halil income, would have recited the Holy Qur'an, performed the Nawafil of Tahajjud, Ishrgq, Chasht, and Awwabin, would have been humble and possessing good character, kept a fist length beard according to Shari' ah, adorned the crown of the Imama(Sunnah turban), was a devotee of the Sunnah, obeyed his mother and father, fulfilled the rights of people, had love for Allah and his Beloved Prophet would have been devotee of the Sahaba, the Ahl-e-Bait, and the Auliya, then by the grace of Allah and His Prophet, his grave which appears to be just a heap of soil outwardly, might have been extended as far as the eye can see, with the window of Jannah opened inside it, and underneath that apparent heap of soil there might be a beautiful garden of paradise.
On the other hand, if the one buried underneath similar heap of soil was such one who had not offered Salah, had intentionally missed the fasts of Ramadan, had disturbed worship or sleep of the Muslims during the nights of Ramadan by playing night match, had been stingy in paying Zakah despite it being Fard (compulsory) on him, had earned Haram income, had taken part in dealings involving interest and bribery, had not paid back his debts, had drunk alcohol, had been involved in gambling, had operated alcohol and gambling dens, had hurt the feelings of Muslims without the requirement of Shari’ah, taken the money of Muslims by scaring and threatening them, kidnapped Muslims for ransom, committed theft or robbery, had been fraudulent with public trusts, unlawfully grabbed the land, oppressed helpless farmers, oppressed people whilst lost in seeking power, shaved the beard or trimmed it to less than a fist length, watched films and dramas, listened to music, habitual of swearing, told lies. committed backbiting, told tales, committed slander, thOught ill of people and had been arrogant, or disobeyed his parents, then it is possible that underneath this seemingly serene heap of soil, he is being in the state of distress, with the window of Hell open, fire smoldering inside the grave, snakes and scorpions clinging to his body, and he being screaming and shouting which we cannot hear.


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