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15 Sunnah And Manners Of Walking

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1. Allah has said in Sarah Bani Israil

"And do not walk haughtily on the earth; you cannot tear the 
earth and nor you can achieve height of the mountains."

2. The fragrant saying of the Beloved Prophet has been narrated: A man, covered with two pieces of cloths, was walking arrogantly, with pride. The earth pulled him inside and he will continue to sink inside the earth until the Day of Judgement.

3. The Beloved Prophet sometimes used to hold the hand of his companion in his blessed hand while

4. When the Holy Prophet used to walk, he would lean a little bit forward as though he is descending from a height. 

5. Never walk with pride; wearing chains of gold or any other metal, with the front buttons [of the shirt] open as if to show off. This is the style of the unwise, proud, and transgressing people. It is Haram for men to wear a gold chain in the neck. Wearing other metallic chains is also not permissible. 

6. If there is no hindrance, walk on the side of the pathway at a medium pace. Don't be to fast that people start looking at you thinking that where is he going in such haste. Do not walk too slowly that a viewer may assume that you are ill. One should not hold the hand of any Amrad. It is Haram to hold his hand or to shake hands with him or to hug him out of lust; as it is an act that leads to the Hellfire. 

7. It is not Sunnah to look here and there (unnecessarily) while wallcing. Walk with dignity and with your gaze lowered down. Sayyiduna Hassan bin Abi Sinan went for Eid Salah When he came back home, his wife asked him: How many women did you see? He observed silence. When she insisted, he said: I kept looking at the toes from exiting the house till my return to you.

Devotees of Allah don't look here and there unnecessarily while walking, especially when it is crowded as they might look at someone who is not permitted by the Sharia to look at. This was the piety of our saints The ruling is that if you look at a woman unintentionally and move your gaze away immediately, you will not be sinful. 

8. It's not appropriate to look at someone's balcony or windows unnecessarily. 

9. While walking or coming up or down the stairs, make sure that your shoes do not make noise. Our Beloved Prophet did not like the sound created by shoes. 

10. If there are two women standing or going on a way, At not go through between them. A blessed Hadith prohibits us from doing so. 

11. It is against manners to spit, clean your nose, put your finger inside the nose, keep tickling your ears, clean the dirt of your clothes with your fingers, itching your private parts and so on while walking, sitting down or standing in front of people. 

12. Some people have the habit of kicking whatever comes in their way. This is a very ill mannered practice. There is also a danger of your foot getting injured. Furthermore, kicking newspapers or boxes, packets and empty bottles of mineral water having inscriptions on them is also very disrespectful. 

13. While walking, abide by the laws that do not oppose the Sharrah. For example, whilst crossing the road, try to cross the road from the zebra crossings or the over had bridge. 

14. Cross the road by looking at the direction of the traffic. If you are in the middle of the road and the vehicle is approaching, then rather than running away, try to stay there as this is a safer approach. Furthermore, to cross the tracks at times when trains are usually passing is like inviting your death. The one who considers trains to be very far should keep in mind the danger of getting entangled in Wires and falling over thereby resulting fatality. There are also places where it is against the law to pass through the tracks. Adhere to these laws especially on the stations. 

15. Walk for 45 minutes doing Zikar and reciting Salat,Alan­Nabi everyday with the intention of gaining strength to worship. you will remain healthy. The best way to walk is to walk at fast pace for the first 15 minutes, medium pace for next 15 minutes and this fast again for the last. With this practice, the whole body will be exercised. the digestive system will be fine, you will be saved from heart diseases and many other diseases.


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