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Mosque And Halal Finder – Locate Mosques And Nearest Halal Food Restaurants

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The chaos and disorder of life makes it difficult to manage the time therefore we need solutions which save our time and effort. Mosque and Halal Finder is an Islamic informational application which is useful to you for discovering the halal restaurants and mosques close to your area to spare your time and cash. It is the best source to discover the closest mosques in your general vicinity and discover halal restaurants located close to your area. It depicts the direction, address and time to achieve that area.







1.       Find area of nearest mosques situated inside range of 10 Km


2.       Find area of Halal restaurants found close to your zone inside range of 10 Km


3.       Find the route of Mosques and Halal restaurants from your current position


4.       Find the distance of Mosques and Halal restaurants from your area


5.       Find the time to achieve that mosque or halal restaurant


Using this application will help you to eat halal food in non Islamic countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia.



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