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Ayatul Kursi App With Audio Recitation

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Ayatul Kursi app with audio recitation, translation and transliteration is brought and is facilitating the Muslims to learn and recite Quranic Ayah Ayatul Kursi from their smart phones anytime and anywhere.  This app will help in reciting and learning recitation of the Ayah and also will help in memorization of the Quranic Ayah Ayatul Kursi. Ayatul Kursi is one of the most reciting Ayah of Holly Quran has numerous rewards and blessings in return of its recitation.


Click Here to Download Ayatul Kursi MP3 App for Android

Click Here to Download Ayatul Kursi MP3 App for iOS




Ayatul Kursi app is very simple and easy to use; this app brings full Quranic Ayah Ayatul Kursi with full audio recitation in voices of the Reciters Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Mishary Rashid Al-Afsay.



Translation and transliteration of the Ayah is also provided in this application, which can be on and off from the setting option on its reciting page. Both translation and transliteration are in English, which will help in reciting and understanding the meaning of the words of Ayatul Kursi.


This application contains setting option where font size, color and style cal also be change among the three options given in this app and background color can also be change from the setting option.


Download this application from the links given above and make is an easy way to read and recite Ayatul Kursi from your smart and mobile phones



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