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Quran With Urdu Translation

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A concise smartphone app developed for Muslims by QuranReadingTM to have the Holy Quran handy with them at all times.


Download Quran With Urdu Translation - Read Quran - Android




·         Translation

Choose a translation language of your choice from the choice of nine languages in settings.


·         Search and ‘go to’

Search directly for a surah from the main page and save seconds of scrolling time. Also, jump to an ayah by tapping on the ‘go to’ button while reading a surah.


·         Transliteration and Audio

Correct your recitation/pronunciation by hearing the audio (which can be downloaded separately for surahs or the entire Quran) or enabling the transliteration.


·         Display flexibility

Edit the display by changing the size of Arabic alphabets or the way they’re written from a selection of three writing styles.


·         Share or bookmarks

Tap and hold a verse to bookmark it so you continue it the next time you open it or ‘share’ the selected verse (with translation) with your friends.

·         Notifications

Get notified daily for reading Quran and get notifications for reading certain surahs on their respective important days (when it’s more beneficial to recite them).

·         Stop signs and sajdah

Learn the usage of stop signs and the location of all 14 places of Sajood scattered across the Holy Quran. 

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