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(salam) Hazrat Umer Farooq (ra) k ahday khilafat main jab muslmanow ke fatoohat ka saylab(flood) sham main dakhil howa to Romeon main musalman dushmani ka janoon is had tak pohnach gia k woh jangi qadion ko bhi naheat bay dardi say shaheed kar daltay.


Arab morkheen nay likha hai k romeon nay Tambay(albata) ke 1 bohat baree gaeain(cow) bana rakhin thi is k peat main roghan zetoon dal kar neechay say agg jilatay rahtay thay. agar musalman qadi nasranieat qabool kar laytay thay to in ko chor daytay thay aur agar apna deen chornay say inkar kartay to inhain koltay howay teal(oil)main dal daytay thay.(Sahaba karam ke imman afroz hakaiat PAGE NO:39) fi-aman:(wasalam)

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