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The Answer To The Dawn Article: The Untold Story Of Pakistan’S Blasphemy Law

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The answer to the DAWN article: The untold story of Pakistan’s blasphemy law




The link to the article above in which the author says that there has been a flaw in the research on the blasphemy law in pakistan as per the hanafi fiqh, some fuqaha have agreed that the blasphemers pardon (tawbah) will be accepted.
Yes, there are some fuqaha from the hanafiyya and shafiyya movement that have said this, However this does not mean that he will not be killed.In every circumstance, the blasphemer will be killed and there is ijma(concencus) upon this fact.

i have attached the complete research made by Allama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi sahab in his tafseer, tafseer Tibyan ul Quran volume 1,page 475 - 477.


May Allah elevate the ranks of ghaziey islam and may Allah save ahlus sunnah from deviants!










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