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Lil Muslim 2 - App To Learn Duas For Kids


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LilMuslim - Kids Dua is an Android game, which is designed for Muslim Kids to help them in learning the  Daily Duas. The app provides phrases and MP3 Audios to facilitate kids in their easy learning. Snappy puzzle finishing amusement and test in later stages will stick them to the screen until the very end of the diversion.


Download Lil Muslim 2 - Learn Duas for Android




Game Features:


The Game has 32 levels in which first 17 contain a puzzle while remaining  contain quiz for the kids to help them in memorizing the Islamic Duas. Following are the Duas which are included in the game.

  • Dua for Controlling Anger
  • Dua for receiving gift
  • Dua for seeing Beauty
  • Dua to recite after sneezing
  • Dua for going up
  • Dua for going down
  • Dua for greetings
  • Tasmiyah (before starting any work)
  • Dua for sleeping
  • Dua when you wake up
  • Dua for increase in Knowledge
  • Dua when entering toilet
  • Dua when you leave toilet
  • Dua for forgiveness
  • Dua to recite before eating
  • Dua after finish eating

Once the kid finishes first 17 levels, kid will be through to the quiz stages where the kid has to identify the dua through animated banners popping on screen.

Easy to play yet fun to learn- download and rate the game as we appreciate your valuable feedback. Jazak’Allah!



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