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Responding To A Provocative Message: Why Do You Spend So Much Effort Writing About Issue Of Najd When There Are More Important Issues?

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Recently on IslamiMehfil forum I received a very abusive private message which I am not going to focus on. It seemed that sender was secular, pro-Wahhabi, filled with zeal for unification of Ummah. Al hamdu lillah he is neither now and is aspiring to learn proper creed and practices of Islam. He stated he holds Masters degree in evolutionary biology. He rebuked my consistant targetting of Wahhabism. Educated me that Islam is all one religion and we should be united, and it is medieval mind set of Mullahs which has divided the Ummah – like me. Went on to tell me that world is rapidly progressing in science, and technology yet Mullahs have chained the Muslims to ancient ways preventing them from progress. To point out my flaws he cited my articles on Najd and remarked that non-Muslims are progressing toward colonising Moon and Mars. Yet you’re sitting here petty bickering over a geographical detail which is of no consiquence to anyone, nor Islam depends on it. Saying knowledge regarding exact location of Najd is worthless and attempting to acquire is time waste. He rehtorically stated, what good it would do to anyone if they sifted through tons of material to know precise location of Najd on earth. Attempting to insinuate that it is no good, worthless knowledge. His first message did not receive my response because it was rather foul abusive and contained too much enlightenment in for of abuse. Sarcasm ahead - It was master piece of civil-ness and perfect example of a graduate of secular insitution. His second message demanded a response because it seemed having a degree and ‘professional’ career had him thinking he’s the best thing that has ever happened to education. First I congradulated him for being a human and berated evolution for producing a bad specimen of humanity in his form. And demanded that evolution produce a more civil and less abusive specimen for validation of its ability to naturally select perfect trait for a certain envoriment.[1] Through discussion with him I made abundantly clear to him that I am better read even with my minimal GCSE formal qualitications then his prestigious university Masters. Following material is on subject of Najd and Wahhabism and is presented with some additions which were made later. All material related to evolution is being ommitted.

Insults Of Enlightened Civilised Muslims:

We should protect ourselves from innovations introduced by worst of people, the worst of creatures in creation of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).  If we do not speak out against innovations introduced into our religion – especially in this regard then how will the warnings which Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) gave regarding Najd valuable guidance for Muslims? Suppose if someone states Al-Juhfah is in France. What difference would it make if any? Why argue over such petty issue?  There are other more important issues then bickering over loction of Al-Juhfah? Mullahism is crazy they are arguing over where Al-Juhfah in a age where people are planning to go to Mars? What does a Mullah know of world – he is too preoccupied worshipping Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)? These backward foolish beardy folks are still entrenched in medieval mind set even in this age of enlightenment. Right? All the insults, all the enlightenment that has reached you but have you ever thought or enquired what significance does it have in Islam because of which you are arguing over this Al-Juhfah/Najd?

Englightening The Englightened:

Location of Al-Juhfah is important because it is designated as Miqat (i.e. place of assuming state of Ihram for Umrah/Hajj) by Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam). Those people traveling from direction of Syria are suppose to assume Ihram from Al-Juhfah. Now if an idiot states, Al-Juhfah is in France and spreads his innovation and people start believing him – similar has already happened with Najd being made into Iraq. Then those Syrians who have performed Hajj/Umrah by assuming state of Ihram from this new Al-Juhfah have assumed state of Ihram from wrong place and it would invalidate the Hajj/Umrah. So if we do not speak out against this innovation, Muslims would be wasting wealth, time and effort. So it needs to be argued and truth to be established. Often its not the place but the way it is associated with Islamic teaching for which the precise location requires debate.

Miqat For Najd And Iraq – Confusion:

Iraq has Dhat al-Irq as place of Miqat. Najd has Qarn Al Manazil. If we allow the innovation of Khawarij to be permitted and unchallenged and let their heresy become norm and accepted then where would you assume Ihram – from Qarn Al Manazil or Dhat al-Irq? Medieval barbaric Mullahs like me have to argue and spread knowledge of truth on this matter so enlightened, educated, sophisticated, broad-minded, and civilised people like you can perform Hajj/Umrah with best start. Only Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) knows what kind of stupidity you would engage in during your Tawaf? Few Shirk ar-Riya selfies during Tawaf and few Shirk ar-Riya pictures of your self while you decide to perform Salah only for photo-op session, so everyone on Facebook can see you. You can do anything to invalidate you own worship how you please but you will have a sound start because medieval frame of mind Mullahs have done something for you. In return which you have heaped on them mountain of insults. We Muslims are instructed to speak out against when a wrong is taking place. And making of Najd into Iraq is a gross distortion of teachings based on religion. This Fitnah is beginning to take hold and if it is not countered then a a sun of guidance will be blurred. And a light of guidance which Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) in context of Najd will be extinguished.

Signs Boards Of Guidance:

Vast majority of Muslims of modern world, the englightened folk are the type; ready to go to Mars but not ready to enter mosque for prayers, with time for everything else but not for prayers, money for all vanities of world but not Zakat, will read entire news paper without missing out a chunk or without missing single eye candy – women/men – but no time for reading Quran or learning about Islam. The issue of Najd is important for this type of Muslims. You see, in old days people had to know the route they are traveling – there were no sign boards guiding them so they got lost if they made mistake. Then came road signs it made it easier for people to travel and required less knowledge. It told them that this path leads to this destination if you want to go there get on it, if not find the right one. Point is, there was a time when people required detailed knowledge to travel then sign boards made it easy to know the toward the direction and destination you are traveling. Sign board allowed them to rectify their mistakes and find the straight path.

Paradise Earned By Good Works And Mercy:

Even though modern, sophisticated, englightened, civilised Muslims, do study all sciences of the world, including the one which will allow them to build a space craft for Mars, and spend years in universities and thousands of dollars for secular education, and get big jobs, wear suite, boot, tie, tight jeans, see through blouse, and earn a healthy salary, have a huge house, spotless and shiny, but entry to paradise isn’t granted on these, and worship and charity isn’t the name of these. Its earned with good works and mercy of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). The good works will only be accepted, and mercy will only be granted, if you have remained innovation free. Only if you had not accepted a innovation introduced into Islam by another. Or you yourself have not introduced an innovation into religion of Islam. Also there will be seventy-three sects in Ummah of Muslims. Out of them seventy two will be in hell no questions asked – straight to hell on judgment day. Seventytwo sects will be in hell fire because they introduced innovations into religion of Islam and people followed the innovators and their innovations. One sect of hell is termed as group of Satan – aka Khawarrij.

Significance Of Najd For Muslims Of Modern Times:

Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) has clearly indicated the straight path of Islam, the straight path leading to hell. Those who have time and care about their hereafter make every effort to learn and investigate it to find and travel upon it for their real success. There are others who are/were need of more guidance for many reasons. And for them Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) put sign boards, from Najd group of Satan will emerge, this is their description, these are their traits, they are people of disbelief, etc. He pointed out that Najd is place of group of Satan. They will be standing on gates of hell and will invite people toward it. Anyone who responds to them will enter hell-fire, he said they will be with shaven heads – trait of Wahhabis, they will kill Muslims – Muslims being killed by ‘Muslims’ (i.e. Wahhabis).  When this much information and more is available for group of Satan then Najd has a major significance.  If we allow Najd to become Iraq and do nothing then will guidance of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) will be utalised correctly? Would it be source of guidance for anyone? When we know group of Satan is to emerge from Najd, sect of Khawarij is to emerge from Najd, and no sect to emerge from Najd other then the sect of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, popularly known as Wahhabism. Now if Najd of Hadith is made Iraq and we allow it and accept it. Then sect of Wahhabism is not group of Satan, sect of Khawarij and Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) left us no guidance on tribulation of modern times.

Connection Of Wahhabism And Terrorism:

Starting from my home country, TTP is semi-Wahhabi (i.e. Deobandi) terrorist organisation responsible for thousands of deaths. Figures given by news agencies and government officials indicate twenty-five thousand plus Muslims have been killed due to terrorism of this Wahhabi organisation. Taliban in Afghanistan are semi-Wahhabi, or whole Deobandi organistation. They are responsible for totally destroying Afghanitan. Taliban traditionally not were a terrorist organisation nore engaged in terrorist activities but reports now indicate they have taken a new direction of suicide bombings, targetting civilians in their conflict. Somalia, Al Shabab – Al Shabab is composed of all Wahhabis rebel force, driven by and guided by Wahhabism theology: Muslims are polytheists, its permissible to kill them, those Muslims who do not conform to our religious ideas are apostates. Result, you can investigate the destruction of life and property of Muslims in Somalia. Saudi Arabia, when this sect first originated it deemed all Muslims of Arabian Peninsula as Polytheists and deemed permissible to kill Muslims, wage war, take property, and enslave Muslim women on basis that these are women are polytheists. This killing and war only stopped when the Saudis established the modern Saudi state under the patronage of UK and later America. The modern examples of Wahhabism, its theology, and its destruction – Syria and Iraq. Both these countries have been in state of civil war against ISIS – this terrorist organisation is truest form of Wahhabism. And are responsible for destruction of Syria and Iraq. And responsible for deaths of half a million Muslims. They have followed the actual teaching of Shaykh of Najd. Anyone who deserts their army is deemed apostate and put to death. Any citizen not sticking to their brand of ‘Islam’ is put to death. In Iraq they slaughtered three-hundred-fifteen scholars of Ahle Sunnat and slaughter of general populace of Ahle Sunnat, Rawafiz, is beyond count. They have subjected the minorities to most barbaric treatment who had lived in these lands peacefully for centuries. Libyan Islamists can all be summed as Wahhabi and the on going civil war is proof of its true nature.

Wahhabism The Sect Of Satan:

Wahhabism’s core teaching is, that majority of Muslims in the world are polytheists hence they should be called back into Islam. It is permissible to wage war, kill, take property, enslave their women if they do not repent from their ‘Shirk’. Due to teaching of this sect, actions of members following teaching of this sect, you cannot hold your head high with pride and say: I am Muslim. Rather you’re forced defend your self, and plead your innocence, and justify your innocence. You will never be able to disassociate yourself from them because Media ensures and provides testimony of people; [This sucicide bomber] was an ordinary person, very loving, caring, there was no sign of any extremism on him.” The going narrative is, terrorists in your countries do not display abnormal behaviour but are very social and normal upright members of community, until they blow themselves up with innocent people. This is the perception being created in mind of your hosts by Media and you will never be deemed a humane human being, and a Muslim, until this strategy continues. You have Wahhabism and Wahhabis to thank for this.
Najd, Wahhabism And Terrorism:

Origin of Wahhabism from Najd is important because it establishes Wahhabism is the sect of Satan about which Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) foretold. And correct location of Najd is important because if it was Najd from which Wahhabism originated then the prophesy fits them – and no doubt it fits them and they are the sect of Satan. The teachings of Wahhabism and actions of its members is enough proof that it indeed is sect of Satan. Najd is important, because there is a huge sign of danger on it, it states, group of Satan, it says they will invite you to hell. For a seeker of straight path, and for the one on the straight path, they will see the sign boards and stay away from Najdi sect of Wahhabism, the sect of hell-fire. Just knowing the precise location of Najd, emergence of Wahhabism from Najd, and few Ahadith regarding sect of Satan to emerge from Najd, will be enough for a believer to stay away from Wahhabism. With little knowledge you can guide your self on straight path and stay on straight path of Islam. The other alternative is going old school, traveling without maps and having in-depth knowledge of routes. Simply you won’t have to go into detail why Wahhabism is heretical/disbelief sect. You just look at the sign boards and will know; sign board says, road closed ahead, or road ahead leading to hell fire. And you can ensure your survival. So if precise location, direction of Najd is maintained, you can guide your self and if Najd becomes Jamaica then you will have to learn the old school way to know why it is wrong sect to join. This doesn’t mean you don’t learn the old school way. You should learn it but if you don’t have time – Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) has left for people signs by seeing which and understanding which with minimal effort you can keep to, or guide your self to straight path of Islam. And prophecy fore-telling emergence of sect of Satan from Najd is one such sign post.

What Is Authentic And What Is Heretical:

All which the modern descendants of Khawarij from Najd have common in practice and in belief with Muslims is authentic and all which is unique to them is heretical/disbelief. All groups which have elements of heretical Khariji methodology, or practice, or belief are heretical/disbelief. Just like the principle, alchohol is Haram in pure form and it is Haram in diluted form. In similar fashion any group which employs their methodology, or has incoporated heretical beliefs and practices of Khawarij is heretical and is a sub-sect of modern day Khawarij of Najd, and are equally misguiding. Modern Kharjism has been repacked and rebranded from Wahhabism to, Salafism, Ahlul Hadith (i.e. aka Ahle Hadith) and Atharism. Members of this sect operate in many forms, Jamat ad-Dawah in Pakistan, and Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) – lead by Dr Zakir Naik. Regardless of what form and name they have taken they all consider Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah the anthropomorphist, Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab the Khariji, Shaykh Muhammad Nasir ud-Din Al Baani the Distorter, as their major scholars. And all have core beliefs of Wahhabism common amongst them. All believe majority of Muslims are polytheists, meaning disbelievers of worst type. Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab believed Muslims of his time were the worse polytheists then polytheists of prophetic times – meaning worse then worse disbelievers of prophetic times.


Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab emerged from Najd and emergence of his sub-khariji sect was prophecised by Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam). Najd is crucial in helping to identify the sect of Khawarij and any attempt to distort geographical location of Najd is attempt to distort prophetic teaching which help the Muslims to recognise their enemy. The teachings and actions of this sect establish beyond shadow of doubt these people are Khawarij and ahlul Kufr. Their teachings are mockery of Islam and their actions are utter anahilation and destruction of Muslims and the lands of Muslims. Just as Shaytan is enemy of Muslims so are his minions – and the display of enemity is for all to see.

Wama alayna ilal balaghul mubeen
Muhammed Ali Razavi


- [1] Note evolutionists, when talking about evolution and natural selection talk about the process as if natural selection possesses capacity to think and decide the right course of action in adopting traits for certain envoriment or need. Polar bear and the colour of its fur. Evolutionists will tell you due to disadvantages of having any other colour then white in polar ice and difficulties in hunting eventually through natural selection polar bears became white. By this they imply that natural selection possesses capacity of knowing and determining correct course of action. Once a perfect trait for a envoriment has been adopted by natural selection then it is reproduced generation after generation without change. In perspective, polar bears evolved from brown bears according to evolutionists and ever since natural selection has thought white colour of furr is fine for the envoriment they are in. Point I am hinting at is, that natural selection does not possesses any intellectual capacity nor it is a being it’s a concept, idea, a name for bilogical process. And without a guiding force it should produce all sorts of polar bears, pink, green, black, white, and yellow. But absence of this trial by error and maintaining a trait generation after generation indicates act of design by a intelligent being, God. Coming to the main point, I took the stab at him to insult him and the profession he adopted. Even though he disassociated himself from evolution of man from evolution. I was not having any of his natural selection, rubbish. I purposed to him, intelligent design, by natural selection. And al hamdu lillah, without boasting about my credentials, I maintained my position and presented various arguments in light of Islamic teachings. Arguing natural selection, teaches trial by error, once right trait is selected for a envoriment it gives cerntain benefits to that animal, bird, or insect over its competitors thus ensuring is survival and prosperity. Where as belief in Tawheed does not allow for a Muslim to believe trial by error part of natural selection in micro and macroevolution. End result of long discussion was he tracted from some aspects of evolution due to Islamic teachings while maintaining other non-conflicting aspects of evolution.

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