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Seveteen Points Which Indicate The Direction And Location Of Historical Najd.

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Opponents of Muslims believe historical Najd is in Iraq but the Muslims believe it is in Saudi Arabia and part of central province of modern Saudi state. Focus of this article would be to write a guide using which Muslims can refute the arguments of infidels.

The Ahadith About Najd And Group Of Satan:

Narrated Ibn 'Umar: The Prophet said, "O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen." The People said, "And also on our Najd." He said, "O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham (north)! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen." The people said, "O Allah's Apostle! And also on our Najd." I think the third time the Prophet said, "There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and afflictions and from there comes out the side of the group of Satan." [Ref: Bukhari,  B88, H214]

Why The Quoted Hadith Is Important:

Khariji sect is responsible for destruction of Muslims throughout the world, and it has been responsible for numerous systematic genocide of Muslim populations of earth starting from Saudi Arabia, from region called Najd. I dare to say hundred percent of world terrorism, associated with Muslims, is committed by the members of this sect. We know these famous terrorists as members of various groups, Al-Qaidah, ISIS, TTP, Boko Haram, and Al Shabab, few to mention. Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) foretold, from Najd group of Satan will emerge and he described their activities. And he refused to supplicate Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) to bless people of Najd. It is important to know the precise location of Najd and the direction from which the group of Satan was to emerge because it will serve to protect the Islam of Muslims. Infidels have attempted to dilute the teaching of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) with their misguidance so their Khariji sect which emerged from Saudi Arabia’s province of Najd is not associated with the Hadith of Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam). Hence objective is to provide prophetic guidance with which the Muslims can recognise where Najd is.

Seventeen Points Which Help To Correctly Identify Najd:

(a) Prophet was in Madinah, (B) on the pulpit of Masjid Nabvi, © delivering a sermon about tribulations which Ummah would face, (d) he pointed toward house of Aysha (radiallah ta’ala anha), see maps, here.[1] (e) According to another Hadith he faced toward East,[2] (f) he pointed toward East[3], (g) according to another Hadith he pointed toward East while standing at the door of Hafsa (radiallah ta’ala anha) or Aysha (radiallah ta’ala anha)[4], (h) pointed toward the direction of sunrise[5], (i) sunrises between southern boundry of Kuwait, (j) and western boundary of Oman, (k) to indicate the direction from which group of Satan – Khawarij - will emerge he mentioned Najd by name, see maps - here and here[6], (l) in context of established regions of Sham (i.e. Greater Syria), Yemen - Najd also must have been major region cannot be a name of mud-hut in Iraq, here, (m) Najd means, raised, elevated land - Najd is mountainous terrain, here, here. East of Madinah, region around Riyadh, (n) Dhil Quwaisirah at-Tamimi was leader of Khawarij[7], (o) he had companions (i.e. like minded Khawarij) from his own tribes[8], (p) Banu Tamim was situated toward East of Madinah in direction of Riyadh, here, here and here. (q) Alhasil, Najd is in contexted by East, East is contexted by sunrise, sunrise is contexted by Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) pointing toward house of Aysha (radiallah ta’ala anha), and this direction is contexted by location of Banu Tamim in East from the tribe which Dhil Quwaisirah and his followers emerged. And from his descendents emerged second major Fitnah of Khawarij – once again from Najd – lead by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, popularly known as Wahhabism/Salafism.

Make Note Of Following Point:
When an enemy of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) tells you Najd is in Iraq. Check if his claim accords with all of the facts derived from prophetic guidance mentioned and refferenced above. If foolish one tells you Khawarij appeared in Iraq therefore Najd is in Iraq then check it with prophetic guidance if all the details mentioned above fit the claim. It is not impossible for few points to apply to a city, village, region on earth but you will never find all seventeen points applying to anything but historical Najd. In addition to refuting the claims of infidels this guide also serves the purpose of verifying Islamic position regarding Najd and it is important that Muslims verify the Islamic position instead of blind acceptance.

Wama alayna ilal balaghul mubeen.
Muhammed Ali Razavi


- [1]
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: I heard Allah's Apostle on the pulpit saying, "Verily, afflictions (will start) from here," pointing towards the east, "whence the side of the head of Satan comes out." [Ref: Bukhari, B56, H714] House of Hadhrat Aysha (radiallah ta’ala anha) was/is in Madinah. It is were Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) is laid to rest after his departure from earthly life. This Hadith establishes four points out of seventeen.

- [2]
“Ibn Umar reported that he heard Allah's Messenger as saying (in a state) that he had turned his face towards the east: Behold, turmoil would appear from this side, from where the horns of Satan would appear.” [Ref: Muslim, B41, H6938]

- [3] “Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: I saw Allah's Apostle pointing towards the east saying, "Lo! Afflictions will verily emerge hence; from the (side of the head of) Satan appears." [Ref: Bukhari, B54, H499] “Narrated Ibn 'Umar: I heard the Prophet saying, "Afflictions will emerge from here," pointing towards the East.” [Ref: Bukhari, B63, H217]

- [4] “Ibn `Umar reported that Allah's Messenger stood by the door (of the apartment of) Hafsa and, pointing towards the east, he said: The turmoil would appear from this side, viz. where the horns of Satan would appear, and he uttered these words twice or thrice and `Ubaidullah b. Sa`id in his narration said: The Messenger of Allah had been standing by the door of `A'isha.” [Ref: Muslim, B41, H6939]

- [5] Narrated Salim's father: The Prophet stood up beside the pulpit  and said, "Afflictions are there! Afflictions are there, from the side where group of Satan will come out," or said, "... the group of sun (rise) ..."
[Ref: Bukhari, B88, H212] Following Hadith describes people of East as, uncivil owners of camel and as people of tents, which is refference to people of Najd, because Najdis had large number of camels, and lived a beduin/nomads -: “Abu Huraira said: I heard the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) saying: There came the people of Yemen, they are tender of feelings and meek of hearts. The belief is that of the Yemenites, the sagacity is that of the Yemenites, the tranquillity is among the owners of goats and sheep, and pride and conceitedness is among the uncivil owners of the camels, the people of the tents in the direction of sunrise.” [Ref: Muslim, B1, H91] Note, the Hadith 212, literally states, group of sun, but because Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was’sallam) used the phrase, direction of sunrise, in Hadith 91, educated guess is that he also meant the same here. That would mean, the group of sunrise, the group of Satan, are one and the same.

- [6]
“Narrated Ibn `Umar: (The Prophet) said, "O Allah! Bless our Sham and our Yemen." People said, "Our Najd as well." The Prophet again said, "O Allah! Bless our Sham and Yemen." They said again, "Our Najd as well." On that the Prophet said, "There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head of Satan." [Ref: Bukhari, B17, H147]

- [7] There are many names mentioned of leader of Khawarij. Harqus Ibn Zuhayr, Abdullah Ibn Dhil Khuwaisirah, and Abdullah Ibn Wahb Ibn Wahb Al-Rasibi: “Will you go to Mu`awiyah and the people of Syria, and leave them (i.e. Khawarij) behind among your children and property? I swear by Allah, I hope these are the same people, for they shed the blood unlawfully, and attacked the cattle of the people so go on in the name of Allah. Salamah b. Kuhail said: Zaid b. Wahb then informed me of all the halting places one by one, (saying): Until we passed a bridge. When we fought with each other, `Abd Allah b. Wahb al-Rasibi, who was the leader of the Khawarij, said to them: Throw away the lances and pull out the swords from their sheaths, for I am afraid they will adjure you as they had adjured on the day of Harura. So they threw away their lances and pulled out their swords, and the people pierced them with their lances. They were killed (lying one on the other). On that day only two persons of the partisans (of `Ali) were afflicted. `Ali said: Search for the man with the crippled hand. But they could not find him. Then `Ali got up himself and went to the people who had been killed and were lying on one another. He said: Take them out. They found him just near the ground. So he shouted: Allah is Most Great! He said: Allah spoke the truth, and His Apostle has conveyed. `Ubaidat al-Salmani stood up to him, saying: Commander of the Faithful! Have you heard it from the Messenger of Allah? He said: Yes, by him, there is no God but He. He put to swear thrice and he swore.”  [Ref: Abu Dawood, B41, H4750]

- [8] “Narrated Abu Sa'id:While the Prophet was distributing something, 'Abdullah bin Dhil Khawaisira At-Tamimi came and said, "Be just, O Allah's Apostle!" The Prophet said, "Woe to you ! Who would be just if I were not?" 'Umar bin Al-Khattab said, "Allow me to cut off his neck ! " The Prophet said, " Leave him, for he has companions, and … The sign by which these people will be recognized will be a man whose one hand (or breast) will be like the breast of a woman (or like a moving piece of flesh). These people will appear when there will be differences among the people (Muslims)." Abu Sa'id added: I testify that I heard this from the Prophet and also testify that 'Ali killed those people while I was with him. The man with the description given by the Prophet was brought to 'Ali. The following Verses were revealed in connection with that very person (i.e., 'Abdullah bin Dhil-Khawaisira At-Tarnimi): 'And among them are men who accuse you (O Muhammad) in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms.'” [Ref: Bukhari, B84, H67] This man was in contact with Hadhrat Ali (radiallah ta’ala anhu) as the following Hadith indicates: Abu Maryam said: This man with the crippled hand was on that day with us in the mosque. We would sit with him by day and by night, and he was a poor man. I saw him attending the meals of Ali which he took with the people, and I clothed him with a cloak of mine. Abu Maryam said: The man with the crippled hand was called Nafi` Dhu al-Thadyah (Nafi`, man of nipple). He had in his hand something like a female breast with a nipple at it ends like the nipple of the female breast. If had some hair on it like the whiskers of cat. Abu Dawud said: He was known among the people by the name of Harqus. [Ref: Abu Dawood, B41, H4752]

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