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Mirza Qadiyani Khud Apne Moun Se Kafir Ho Gya

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Mirza in his ignorance declares himself as "KAFIR"

Mirza Qadiyani said

1I consider the claimant of Nabuwat and Risalat as liar and Kafir after Khatam al Mursaleen Sayyidna wa Mawlana Hazrat Muhammad (salallaho alaihi wasalam). I am certain that revelation of Risalat started from Adam (a.s) and “ENDED” with Janab Rasul Ullah Muhammad Mustafa (salallaho alaihi wasalam)[Majmua Ishtiharat, Volume No. 1, Page No. 230]

2. In Quran Shareef there is no mention of Masih Ibn Maryam coming again, however Khatam e Nabuwat is perfectly mentioned, to differentiate between old and new Prophets is a trick, this differentiation is not found in either Hadith nor Quran, the hadith “La Nabi Badi” is also “GENERAL REJECTION” therefore how daring and disrespectful it would be to follow lowly thoughts and leave aside the “DEFINITE PROOF” in Quran and to believe that after Khatam al Anbiya a nabi can come, also to re-start the sislsila of Wahi after it had been stopped because whosoever has quality of Nabuwat then his Wahi is without any doubt a Wahi of Nabuwat [Mirza Qadiyani in Ruhani Khazain, Volume No. 14, Pages 392-393]

3. It is not the quality of Allah that He sends a nabi after “Khatam an Nabiyeen” nor is it His quality to start the chain of Propethood again when he had “ALREADY BROUGHT AN END TO IT” and to increase in Ahkaam of Quran by abrogating few of them [Ruhani Khazain, Volume No. 5, Page No. 377]

4. I believe that our Nabi Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is Khatram al Anbiya, and our book Quran is the means to guidance, I also believe that our Rusul is leader of Messengers and children of Adam, AND ALLAH HAS BROUGHT END TO PROPHETS THROUGH YOU [Ruhani Khazain, Volume No. 5, Page No. 21]


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