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Aarzoo e Madina

SURAH and its benefits

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Sura No



Name of Sura



Physical benefits



Spiritual benefits (thawab)



Other Benefits






Suratul Fatiha





Cure for every disease70x to cure pain anywhere


2/3 of the Qur'an


> 2


> Suratul Baqara



> Aya 72-73 for chest painsAya 107 3x for shouldersAyatul

> Kursi for eyesAya 165 on sweet and feed displeased person



> Shaytan will keep awayWill not forget AllahShade on Qiyama

> if recited with Suratu Aali Imran



> Life, property and family protected if recite first 4

> ayaat+ayatul kursi+last 3 ayaatShade on Qiyama if recited

> with Aali Imran



> 3



> Suratu Aali Imran




> Fertility treatment for womenAyaat 8 & 9 for migrainesAya

> 145 for backache



> If recited on Friday, rahma of Allah and angels ask

> forgiveness for reciter



> Increase in sustenance if worn



> 4



> Suratun Nisa



> 7x for love between two people



> Safety from squeezing in the grave



> 5



> Suratul Maida


& gt;

> Aya 54 on sweet for love






> 6


> Suratul Anaam


> If written (saffron) and drunk, free from all ailments


> 7


> Suratul A'raaf


> If worn, then safety from enemies and wild animals


> Once a month recitation

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JazakAllah azawajal .. thanks for sharing..

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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and, Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon the Chosen Prophet.


SubhanAllah azzawajal.


MashaAllah azzawajal, great topic.


JazakAllah for sharing.

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