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Abdullah Yusuf

Nikah Muttah Per Shia Ka Aitraz (Jawab Chahiye)

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Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 139:

Narrated Abdullah: We used to participate in the holy wars carried on by the Prophet and we had no women (wives) with us. So we said (to the Prophet). "Shall we castrate ourselves?" But the Prophet forbade us to do that and thenceforth he allowed us to marry a woman (temporarily) by giving her even a garment, and then he recited: "O you who believe! Do not make unlawful the good things which Allah has made lawful for you."


Tafseer al Kabeer, by Imam Fakhr ul-Radhi, Page 42 & 43

 Ibn Qalaba narrates Umar said, 'During the lifetime of Rasulullah(s) there were two types of Mut'ah, I now prohibit them and shall inflict the punishment of the Zina on its perpetrators.

Sunni Reference: Kanz al Ummal Volume 8 p. 93 Bab Mut'ah

 Sunni classical scholar, Hafidh Jallaluddin Suyuti, in Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 2 p. 41 Ayat Mut'ah

Ibn Abbas said:

Mut'ah was blessing of Allah upon the Ummah of Muhammad and had Umar not prohibited it the only person to fornicate would be a wretched person.

In the same book, we read on the next page:

Hakim was asked whether the verse on Mut'ah has been abrogated, he said "No. Ali (ra) said: The Mut'ah is a blessing from Allah to his servants. If it were not for Umar forbidding it, no one would commit (the sin) of fornication except the wretched (Shaqi; an utmost wrongdoer).

 We read in Tafseer Durre Manthur.

Hadhrath Hakim was asked if the verse on Mut'ah had been abrogated . He replied "No, because Ali said if Umar had not banned Mut'ah, then the only person to fornicate would be a wretched person."

Sunni Reference: Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume2 p. 40

 Indeed, the Sahaba deemed Umar to be a liar when it came to this issue. We read in Tafseer Kabeer p. 41:

"Imam Ali(as) said "Had Umar not banned Mut'ah then the only person to fornicate would be a wretched person."

Tafseer al-Kabeer, Page 41

 The only claim for the abrogation of Mut'ah which remains, then, is the only claim which is true: that it was "abrogated" by 'Umar, who of course had no authority to do such a thing. This acknowledgement is made in Ahl'ul Sunnah's esteemed work al Awail, wherein we read:

"The first to make Mut'ah haraam was 'Umar"

Al Awail

 We quote from Ahlul Sunnah's authoritative, work Tafseer Ghareeb al Quran p. 6 part 5:

The Sahaba of Rasulullah Imran Ibn Abi Husain said the verse of Mut'ah appeared in the Book of Allahand no verse descended to abrogate it. Rasulullah(s) gave order allowing for the practise of Mut'ah and we did Mut'ah in his presence. Rasulullah(s) dies and till then he did not refrain us from practising it, after him Umar gave his personal view and banned Mut'ah.




2 Aitraz huwe hain woh yeh jo uper shia ne reference diye hain unka jawab 

or doosra yeh k Nabi kareem S.A.W.W k time per Mutah ki ijazat kyun dee gaye agar yeh zina hai ?


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سیدنا عبداللہ بن مسعود رضی اللہ عزوجل عنہ کے حوالے سے (آپکی نقل کردہ حدیث)۔






















سیدنا عمر فاروق رضی اللہ عزوجل عنہ کے حوالے سے












































سیدنا عبداللہ بن عباس رضی اللہ عزوجل عنہ کے حوالے سے
















































اصل مسئلہ اور خلاصۂ بحث

































حرمت متعہ پر احادیث سے چند دلائل

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