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Aoa. Agr 2 lrka lrki eik dusray ko psand krtay hon or shadi krna chahty hon. uni mein almost roz miltay hon baat krtay hon lekin koi ghlt kam nahi krtay hon bs miltay hon or baat krtay hon lekin qk 2 Na mehramon ka yunh baat krna or milna Allah ko psand nahi. Or iss wja se woh nikkah krna chahyn. Lekin nikkah sb k samny nhi kryn. Bs eik 2sry ko kahyn. To kia nikkah hogya. For example kahin esi jgah py jahan bohat sary log hon lekin bohat aahista se 2non eik doosray ko bolyn lekin or kisi ny na suna ho to kia nikkah hogya? Or agr lrka lrki class k samny yh kahyn k hm donon eik dusray ko psand krtay hn or shadi krna chahty hn to kia isse nikkah hogya? Or agr lrki sirf apni doston k samny uss lrky ko apna husband kahy to kia nikkah hogya? Plz iss bt ka ans btadyn.


Or eik or baat k agr kuch time k baad un lrka lrki mein lrayie hogyi or lrki k dil mn doubt ho k kahin nikkah na hogya ho. Or woh lrkay ko kahy k mjhy tlaaq do. Lkn lrka na dena chahy. Lkn lrki k mjbur krny py yh kahy k pehly mjhy kaho tlaaq phr kahunga. Or lrki kehdy or lrky ki niyat b na ho. Or woh bs yh kahy k dedi h. Or lrki k insist kry k tlaaq bolo lkn woh phr b yh na boly blkay bs yh kahy k boldiya h lkn uski niyat na ho. To kia tlaaq hogyi?


Or kia bghair nikkah k agr yh kaho to kia tlaaq hojati h? Lkn nikkah na hua ho to kia 2bara nikkah kiya jaskta h.


Kindly in baaton ka ans dy dyn.

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