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Shaheen Baig

The Commando Warrior Shooting Game 2017

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If you are looking for the equivalent of the modern day shooting games, to be played on your android device, then you need not to worry. The Commando Warrior Game is here to provide you the experience of an awesome, mind-challenging game. The game has three levels, which start from easy and end at the most difficult part of the game.


Download The Commando Warrior Game for Free


Helping Note


This game will help you not only in strengthening your mind but also, will be a great fun. The game starts with your player having just a knife in his hand. Then it is up to you weather you look for the “Sniper Gun” in the scene or kill one of your enemies to get his weapon. You can proceed in the game just by hitting all the enemies that come in your way and reaching the end. Once a level is done, the next level will be unlocked for you. If you are out of bullets, find bullet magazines to reload your weapon.


Health packs are also there to help prevent you from dying. Just look for them if you are running out of your health.

So just install the app to experience this thrilling game.

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