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How the Leverage Program Unified The Ummah and Changed My Life

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        In April, I joined the Leverage Program. It instantly changed my life for the better.  I joined because I wanted to learn about business but I ended up learning about business and so much more. The Leverage Program is a Muslim run group that uses the experience of very successful Muslims to teach us how to start, run and manage a business of our own. It seems like a simple and clear cut program, but when I went to the inaugural event it turned out to be so much more.  


         People came to London from all parts of the world for a business education and suddenly found themselves happily included in a new family.  Unity is our purpose.   We quickly discovered that our unity is going to change our lives and change the lives of all Muslims by unifying the ummah. This may seem hard to believe but I have no doubt that what we are creating with Leverage is exactly what we as Muslims need.  We need to create a worldwide unified group of positive minded muslims that work together to change our lives and change the world.


We have such strong unity within the Leverage Program that we are unstoppable.  The love and care that the other people show me is just amazing.  We are all active in each others lives, we help each other without question, we love and support each other, we put the other people before ourselves.  This is the first time I have ever experienced this, it is almost indescribable.  We have a common goal of being successful in business, that is for sure, but the more important thing for us is to protect and take care of our Leverage Family. 


Unity is in the forefront of our organization.  We created and maintain strong unity and we build our business out from that.  This type of business is what changes the world.  This type of business is unstoppable and unbeatable.


We started with 300 and we are expanding.  We love the unity that we have and we want to spread it further and include more people. Click here to join us. We are creating the most unified group of Muslims in the world. By doing this we will be able to go so far together, much further than if we attempted it on our own.  This unified group of Muslims will be able to dominate anything it gets into.  


The unity itself is worth the money and time I invested.  I signed up to the Leverage Program for the business education but I see now that the Leverage Program has so many other benefits.


The Leverage Program is run by a group of extremely successful people.  These people have self made wealth.  They created businesses in different fields,  worked hard, learned from their mistakes and failures and became very successful.  They believe that the best way to become successful is to repeat what successful people have done.  They teach us exactly what they have done and help us become masters from their experience.


Not only am I impressed by their business expertise, I am also very impressed by their openness, approachability and involvement.  These leaders are really hands on and willing to help each one of us.  


We are creating businesses in the health and fitness niche.  These experts have a set, proven system that we are following.  We learn from the best and this creates a great probability of our own success.  It would take me decades of trial and error to gain the experience that these leaders are sharing with me.  They make the tasks so easy. They make my success so easy.  


Now, back to my favorite part of the Leverage Program, the unity.  Unity is powerful.  Unity can change the world quicky.  I can work hard and succeed alone but when I use my skills joined together with the skills of others we can succeed together much faster and on a much bigger scale. 


Unity means helping everyone have good intentions, gain knowledge, work hard and reach a common goal.  Unity means helping others when they are struggling.  Unity means pulling up people that are not up to speed. Unity means volunteering to share your knowledge and time to educate others. Unity means not competing but rather working together so everyone reaches the finish line. Unity means trusting that others are looking out for you. Unity means spreading the love and not holding it for yourself. Unity means wanting for others what you want for yourself.   


Unity is hard to find nowadays. Finding a group of people that are interested in uniting and willing to put unity first is hard to come by. With the Leverage Program we are blessed to have a group of Muslims that put unity in the forefront. We see the huge benefits of our unity and want to spread and share it with others. Click here to join us on this world changing journey.  I feel so much stronger knowing that I have so many people that are on my side, ready to help, love and support me in the good times and the bad times.  


Please share this post with your friends and family who are interested in financial freedom. 




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