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The message of an Egyptian girl to the heart of King Salman .. Free my father Alwaleed bin Talal

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The message of an Egyptian girl to the heart of King Salman .. Free my father Alwaleed bin Talal.
    Prince Alwaleed bin Talal may not remember me, but I will never forget him
How can a girl forget her father?

    Yes, Walid bin Talal is my father who did not have me, and I am his daughter who did not have her
But this is a story deserves to be told
I am a 16 year old Egyptian girl .. A student in the first grade secondary

I decided about a year ago to make an appeal to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to invite him to save my father from death .. My father was suffering from severe pain due to leg ulcers .. He was crying and crying because of those pains day and night .
    And because of my father is the teacher who in the worst cases of poverty .. And because I knew that only Prince Alwaleed will save him after what I read about his nobility and humanity, I decided to correspond to Saudi newspapers in the hope of spreading my appeal to his sovereignty .. But the problem was that the publication of such a call requires So I and my brothers decided to work together to try and save money for a newspaper to accept the publication of the appeal .. I thought with my brothers (I was 15 years old at this time. My younger brother was 13 years old. And my young sister was 6 years) .. And decided to sell the earring of my younger sister .. And that I and my brother Ahmed strive to be each of us first to pay for It is a gift from the governor to the first to give them each laptop .. Then we sell the two devices in addition to the price of the earring to pay the cost of publishing the ad.
    And then i sent a letter to the Kuwaiti journalist, Mr. Hadi bin Ayed explained to him the matter .. The Minister of the spread of the content of the message volunteer and appealed to Prince Alwaleed to save my father.. It was not a day to publish the article so surprised  my father contact from the Foundation Alwaleed bin Talal, specifically from Professor Mohamed Ibrahim Al – Eissa said that Prince Alwaleed was personally sympathetic with him and that he had been charged with solving the problem. Mr. Al-Eissa continued to telephone with  my father for several days until he ended up donating a sum of money that they transferred to my father.
    Although I did not have the opportunity to communicate with Professor Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Essa personally, I kept looking forward to communicating with him to announce my deep desire and hope that I would meet with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to thank him first for what he did for my parents.I wanted to ask him that Help  my father to move and relieve him of torment because he is near and unable to move, and call us to perform us make Umrah.
    So I was surprised by the news that is bleading my heart and spent my hope and killed many things inside me: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was arrested !! I do not know anything about politics.But I can not imagine that King Salman could wrong anyone. My little mind refuses to believe that Walid bin Talal  .. the noble knight. .. and the father who has mercy on the finest examples of nobility and humanity .. There is now under house arrest.
    It is impossible to imprison humanity, and mercy can not be restricted, or mercy, kindness and good heart are placed in prison.
Please .. released Walid bin Talal
Release my father

Your little lover daughter



1 - I do not have earing or any thing else to sell it to pay the cost of publishing the appeal this time .. I hoped that I have now any thing I can I sell it to be able to spread the appeal .. But all I have is my little heart owned by my father under house arrest .. On him .. And my pen, who missed these words .. Are these sufficient elements to publish my appeal?

2 - The message was translated by Google Translation site .. And forgive me for any errors in the translation.

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