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احمد رضابريلوى نے خہاد كو حرام اور مجاہدين كو كفر رار ديا

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جس وقت مسلمانان ہند نے انگريز كے خلاف خہاد كا اعلان كيا اور ہندوستان كو دار لحرب قرار دے ديا- عين اس وقت انگريزكے ايجنت احمد رضابريلوى نے اپنے آقا كے ليے خہاد كو حرام اور مجاہدين كو كفر قرار ديا-   



Ahmed Raza Khan ne british Government ke kafi support ke

The actions of one learned man,the very influential Ahmad Raza (1855-1921) of Bareilly,present out conclusion yet more clearly . He was the foremost supporter of unreformed Sufism in India and sent out to the qasbahs and villages of Northern India hundreds of Pupils who preached the intercession of saints and other questionable Islamic practices. At the same time he supported the colonial government loudly and vigorously through World War I, and through the Khilafat movement, when he opposed Mahatma Gandhi, alliance with the nationalist movement and non-cooperation with the British. Adherence to local, custom-centered Islam, and opposition to internationally conscious, reformed Islam, seemed to go hand in hand with support of colonial rule.


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