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The Similitude Of Good Actions.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 Sayyadi Abu bakr Waasiti, may Allah be Merciful to him, mentioned that a good action is like fine glass. Just  a little heedlessness will cause it to shatter, where-after it will be irreparable. In the same way, good actions are shattered by ostentation and boastfulness, thus it will not accrue any reward.

When a person senses any show and/or ostentation in a work/deed he or she does, he should try his level best to eradicate it. If it cannot be eradicated, he should not abandon the action/deed, but seek forgiveness from Allah Ta'ala, who could grant him the ability to be sincere.... here, we may cite an incident where a servant of Allah doubted his sincerity after building an inn for travellers. Someone told him in a dream that even if his action was insincere, the du'as of the travellers who will benefit from this noble action will surely be sincere and accepted in your favour. He became pleased and satisfied with this statement.

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