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اعلی حضرت اور دعوت اسلامی پر بدمذہبوں کے ایک اعتراض کا منہ توڑ جواب

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Jahil logh ihtiraaz kartay hen kay Ala Hazrat nay ra'i e ummah farmaya ... ra'i e ummat tazeem wala heh aur ra'ina i.e. hamara charwaha gustakhi kay mana wala heh.  Jistera Allah kay Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was'sallam ko kehna ... hamaray jaisay bashir ... meray jesay bashr ... gustakhi aur be-adabi wala mana deta heh ... magr Ambiyah jaisay bashr ... Hazrat Ibrahim alayhis salam jaisay bashr ... Yahoodi ... hamara charwaha ... kehtay thay. Ummat ka ra'i ka mana ummat ka nighayban ka heh ... Ummat ka ra'i hona kohi gustakhi nahin ... jab bakriyoon ka ra'i hona mein Ambiyah ki towheen nahin toh phir Ummatoon kay ra'i honaymein kesay towheen huwi:





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