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I have an affection towards a man who doesn't like me back

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About 2 months ago, i joined an islamic forum. To be precise, i am a muslim. There I asked for an advice and a man replied. Although other gave advice as well, but i liked his reply so much. He appeared very polite. Then i began to read his other posts and realized he is really a very pious, kimd person. So from then, i am having affection towards him. I deleted the app so i don't come across him, but all in vain. I just downloaded it again after some time. I am just not able to get over it. There isn't any relationship and all in islam,and I don't even want it. I just want him in a right way, according to islam, through marriage. I am very religious and he as well is same. That's why i want him. I have been so anxious since then. At first, i started praying to get him as a spouse but then i stopped thinking God will give me whatever is best for me. Nowadays, i am finding it very hard to concentrate on anything.

Another issue, is he is 24 and i am 16. And he is very much desperate for marriage. And i think that it will take a long time for me to get at that age, he would have married till then. I am losing hope. I am so much stressed. Please help me.


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