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No, it's first time we are engaging with each other. However, I was intrigued with your knowledge of Islam and End of Time prophecies you've mentioned over the last few months. I wanted to ask how role does US and China play in the End of Times either Hadith or through a Wali Allah given knowledge. What got me was your quote whereas Islam would recoil back to Medina and Mecca as it started as something strange. We would be reduced in numbers to such an extent what about Europe & Co., they'll maintain their large populations.


There isn't great deal of detail available in Ahadith about what role will be played by who. With regards to China only Hadith that comes to my mind is ... seek knowledge even if you have to go to China ... Earlier scholars said the Hadith means ... seek knowledge even if you have to travel extreme distances ... My understanding in current context is that it means ... Muslims seek knowledge in China even if you have to bare brutality/restriction/suffering in China for Islam. There is nothing specific about what role it will play but it will not be good place to be Muslim in China.

There is nothing specific about China/USA in Ahadith or what role they will play in end of times. Niamatullah Shah Wali made some predictions and I don't know source for where he got hit information. And as long as we do not have 100 yaqeen they are right and we interpret them in light of events happening then there is chance we might get some understanding. We do not expect he invented everything so it must be result of Kashf, or study of Quran. Sunni belief is Quran contains everyhting in it. Including the knowledge of our meeting and you sending me message. Quran is basicly condensed version of perserved tablet (i.e. lawh al-mafooz). This is clear from text of Quran. There is Hadith that Ibn Abbas (radiallah ta'ala anhu) said if i loose my camels rope, I will read the Quran and find it. In other words my reading of Quran would tell me where the rope is because location is written in Quran. So it is likely that Niamatullah Shah Wali rahimullah studied Quran and found out details and wrote them. But as human he could have made mistake so we express certain degree of doubt and should deem it suspect to a certain degree. After saying this now I wana say, I have found great details in his account of what will happen and I am some what convinced he got his Ijtihad right. You can just google/youtube his predictions. There is quite a lot of stuff available on internet with regards to his predictions.

According to Niamatullah Shah Wali rahimullah. There will be a war with Russia,China, Europe VS UK/USA. And UK leaving European Union has kind of hinted toward this happening. Europe and UK/USA are at odds now and gradually this divide will increase. With regards to Israel coming decades, centuries, Europe and USA will distance themselves from Israel or maybe fall out with them. And Hadith says 1800 ships of Muslim countires will come to liberate Jerusalem. That points to gradual unification of Muslims. Turkey, Pakistan, and others are gradually begin to rise and challenge the Western world order and over decades and centuries it will only get more pronounced and clear as they get stronger millitarily and economicly. So when Imam al-Mahdi fights Dajjal with Prophet Isa alayhis salam there would be Israel on its own with no backing from West. Could be that they fight and destroy themselves. However it happens one thing is clear Israel will be alone.

With regards to Hadith Islam started something strange:


it will become something strange. Originally the order of world was polythism in Arabia. Tawheed and its teaching of giving charity to poor looking after weak was against the concept of survival of fittest and many gods. People looked at Islam. You said there is one God ... ha what a weird concept how can one God do all the work on earth ... strange philosophies you Muslims are coming out with ... Then Islam became norm. Nothing about it was strange and weird. And in past 100 year or so, Islam is and Muslim is once again becoming strange. You what mate ... why is your wife covered so much ... look at mine she looks amazing with painted-on for clothes ... You're so weird and strange. You're backward. We are backward, strange once again. And future generations it will get worse. Prophet said time will come that to hold a red hot coal would be easier then to be a Muslim. Why? Because when you do tricks people cheer you on. Hurrayyyy!! Clap! Clap! Bravo! Amazing! Do it one more time. You're amazing, You have super pwoers. But when you be a Muslim? WTF is wrong with you. Why are you subjugating your wife. Why is she dressed. Why isn't she allowed to be naked and why arent you daughter not having with whoever they want with your approval ... you;re backward. I other words you will be assaulted for being Muslim and practicing Islam, looked down upon, physically attacked ... then what will happen ... people change ... Is-haaq will now be ... I-Sack ... to fit into culture society and to prevent people making fun of you ... you i and every Muslim will begin to wear trouser, wont give salam, will go to Christmas parties because not going will make us seem unsociable, we will do things to fit in even if that means going against Islam and leaving Islam in your cellar. Getting back to my point. It will be strange and then social govermental pressure will be applied to change us and it will happen.

Hadith doesnt say Islam will retreat to Madinah it says Iman will retreat to Madinah. If I wrote Islam retreats to Madinah then I was wrong:


With this correction you will now understand that it does not mean there will be few Muslims. There will be many many Muslims but nominal Muslims, la ilaha il-Allah ... reciting Muslims but not practicing Muslims. There is a Hadith, i could not locate it, it says that Prophet was asked when the Kafirs will do ... will we be few he said you will be like foam of sea water i.e. countless ... but love of earthly life, comforts, pleasures, greed would weaken you. So technically the true Islam and true Muslims will only be in Madinah rest of Muslims would fall into innovations in belief and practice. Then Imam al-Mahdi come and wake the sleeping giant. And Islam will rule like it ruled before. Scholars said this is because Allah wants to demonstrate to Kafirs doesn't matter how strong you're even super powrs religion of Allah is to dominate. Allah said in Quran that Islam will dominate all religions and rule of Islam will reach all conrners of earth and so will its message. And this will happen because Allah said he does not destroy a nation until a Messenger is sent to them teaching to good and prohibitiing from evil. And once they reject Allah punishes them. So Islam will dominate and the message of Islam/Quran will reach ever house hold on earth un tempered in its truest and purest form. Those who accept have prospered and those will reject will warrant punisment. Then Allah will send a cold fragrant wind which will take life of all Muslims and all Momins even ones with spec of Iman will die. And then the destruction of earth will take place ... and ressurection ... standing/qayamat and then judgment. Allahs Sunnah is that he punishes disbeleivers after they reject his teaching. So once this teaching is offered to all and chance for all to believe ... then the rejectors will have provided justification and word of Allah would be fullfiled that he does not punish until messanger is sent to a nation ... Prophet Muhammads nation is entire mankind and jin kind. So those who reject will have punishment ... world will collectively reject Islam ... and Allah will collectively punish all Kafirs ... but before that happens the Muslims will die peacefully as explained in Hadith. I have extensive article here on this:


I normally write articles here:


I haven't posted on forum for a while because I am working on some mega articles.

Salam alaykum. if you need help in understanding anything you're more then welcomed to contact me on forum IslamiMehfil via private message.

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To begin with Hadith about 73 sects:


Are you saying Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa'sallam) lied about 73 sects out of which 72 sects will go to hell and one SECT will go to paradise? Are you saying you know better then Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) and his Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was'sallam) about what will happen in the Ummah? If I am an idiot and fitna what will you say same about Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was'sallam) because he himself said there will be 73 sects? Point I am making is in ISLAM there are SECTS and Prophet said there will be sects but ONLY ONE SECT from them will enter paradise.

Stop talking modernist uneducated rubbish. When Prophet of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) has said something maggot like you is not worth anything to contest and discredit what he uttered. He said there will be 73 sects, and there will be 73 sects, and various sects such as Shia, Deobandi, Wahhabi, Sunni, Khariji, Mutazili are sects from these 73 sects and to say they are a sect and to make distinction between them with a label is perfectly absolutely fine.

In fact the Sahabah were the first one to make distinction of sects:


Harurriyah were the very first sect of Khawarij. In fact Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi was;sallam) named Khawarij as qarn ash-Shaytaan (i.e. group/horns of Satan):


Sects are/were named after place of origin or person who caused the division. And objective of such labels is so that people do not confuse misguided teaching with Islam.

Suppose Amr creates a belief and claims to be Muslim, he believes Allah is One because His mother, father, sons, daughters, wives died, therefore he is One, and he has no son, no mother, He cant beget or nor He was begotten. Technically this is Kufr and person who believes this is Kafir but this persons teaching will be named Amriyyah. Suppose we don't give it a distinctive label. He says it is Islam and and idiot like you says, its Islam. He publishes his belief with label Islam you read it as Islam. You say this is Islam but this not Islam. See the stupidity of it? NO! I doubt you were capable of understanding reason. Lets suppose your father had seven sons, he doesnt name you, distinctively he names all of you Islam. He calls Islam and all seven run to him. Hey Islam get me glass of water. Seven Islams running to him with glass of water. I made Islam inheritor ofmy property. Which Islam? Shhhh! Idiot they are my sons don't make division between them. Stupid wife you're Fitnah. You're cause of civil wars because you dried to make distinction between Islams.

Names to places, people, rivers, sects, cars are given so dumb-asses like yourself can distinguish between and make it clear who/what is point of referrence. If all were Islam then how is reader going to understand that when I said Islam is wrong because it goes against teaching of Islam and teaching of this Islam are right because it agrees with Islamic sources. Have it your way you dumb-. Your type of political correctness is of dumb-asses with no brain. I am educated I know why labels are given - it makes easy to identify who and what I am talking about. If I say i live in a country, you ask me, which, I say shhhh you're dividing the Ummah there is only one country, we ard Ummah. What would you think? I live in a country, in a city, on a street, and my house has a number ... which country name ... easy to know region where i live, city further narrows it down, street even more, and house number even more, and which bedroom even more. Our quest is to identify and recognise and organise. With labels, names, we identify and organise. Amr I talked to Ali. Which one? the one who lives in a country? Where on earth, I said UK, where in UK, I said England, where in England, Derbyshire, each step identified bit more precisely. Names labels are used to identify and organise based on names and labels not to divide and conquer. We label sects because based on beliefs because it makes it easier to identify who I am talking about. I can convey my idea more accurately. If I say Muslims believe Muslims are Mushrik and it is permissible for muslims to kill such muslims. No one knows who believes who is Mushrik but if I say Wahhabis believes Sunnis are Mushrik and it is permiisble to kill them it suddenly becomes clear and I have conveyed my message accurately. Labels/names are given for purpose of identifying and organising.

I lost IQ talking to you.

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Who’s not Sunni? I didn’t call anyone Sunni.

I literally asked people to stop using the terms Rafidi and Takfiri. Why do you have a problem with not using those terms?

And next time, explain yourself with civility instead of engaging in personal attacks and insults for someone you disagree with.

You wrote:

"Also, FYI, please refrain from using the terms Rafidi or Takfiri. They are considered derogatory towards the Shia & Sunni."

In other words, you wrote Rafidhi is derogatory termed used for Shias, and Takfiri a deragatory termed used for Sunnis. I said Takfiri are not Sunni.

Takfiri is used for Wahhabi who finds one or another way to declare Muslims as Mushrik. I was a former TAKFIRI. Read sections eleven, twelve, nineteen in following link:


Sunni is not a Wahhabi, Wahhabi is not Sunni. Word Takfiri is used not for Sunnis it is used for Wahhabis. When you said Takfiri is used for Sunnis derogatorily it indicates you have included Wahhabism/Tafirism in Sunnism.

You will not find Takfiri is also used for a Khariji. There is no difference between core teaching of kharijism and Wahhabism therefore Wahhabism is an offshoot of Kharijism:

- Kharijis declared Sahabah Mushriks - Wahhabis believed/believe vast majority of Muslims are guilty of major Shirk i.e. Mushrik for one or anothr reason.

- Kharijis declared Muslims to be Kafir/Mushrik for major sins - Wahhabis declare Muslism to be Mushrik/Kafir for committing haram act at graves of Awliyah-Allah i.e. prostrating on graves.

- Kharijis rebelled against and believe it is required to rebel against leadership of country which does not judge by Islam - Wahhabis are exactly same and proof is in pudding Isis, Boko Haram, al-Shabab, al-Qaidah, TTP, apart from western country virtually every Muslim country has a Wahhabi rebellios group fighting to over-throw goverment.

- Kharijis killed Muslims with imputiny, leaving Mushriks/Kafirs, they specificly targetted Muslims. Wahhabis killing Muslims is favorite pass time ever since emergence of Wahhabis and Saudi state. You think the Isis were bad ... o boy ... original Wahhabis followers of Shaykh al-Najd Saykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab ... were ten times extreme as Isis. What they did in Arabia to Muslims after charging them of being Mushrik ...

- Khawarij judged Muslims to be Mushrik on labels and not on detail and Wahhabis do exactly the same. Khariji Allah is Rauf Raheem ... Sunni Prophet is Rauf Raheem ... Khariji you're Mushrik Kafir ... killing you is halal for me. When reality is Allah said in Quran Prophet is Rauf ar-Raheem. Lazi similarity but we Muslims judge Shirk on basis of detail not on label alone. Allah was Rauf Raheem from eternity and by his ownself ... Prophet is created rauf raheem and Allah made him rauf raheem ... there is no equality there is no Shirk ...

Khwarij accused Sahabah of introducing innovations when in reality they were themselves innovators - Every Wahhabi does exactly the same. When you say to them why you do this they say we are sorting things out --- exactly what Khawairij said ...

Wahhabis are offshoot of Kharijis and Takfiris like them.


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