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Remember Allah Always.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

               'O you who believe! Remember Allah!  Continue to mention Him without limit,

                 before sunrise and before sunset. He is the One who encourages, appreciates and

                supports you all, and replaces darkness and tyranny with Divine Light.''

So, we have to remember our Lord/Creator as much as we can... Praise Him before and after work (before sunrise and before sunset). Today, who remembers Allah when leaving or entering their house?...Some do but not many; that is why it is said that everything is perishable except Zikrullah, which goes with you to Paradise.

Zikrullah is necessary for us, because it will throw away ghaflah or heedlessness from us. Whenever we forget to remember Him, Jallah Wa 'Alaa, then we are heedless and it is said that we have to guard and/or be careful of the moment of ghafala as in that moment Shaytan will come! You will be an easy target for Shaytan when you are in a state of heedlessness. Zikr is the key for happiness, the light of souls and our backbone in the journey on the Way to Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

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