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Munazara of Jhang-Request

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We are trying to find this munazira in audio cassetes.. If our team members got this munazira Insha Allah (azw) we will add it in our sites and inform you..


If any other member have this munazira.. Please contact me.. i will guide you for upload it on IslamiEducation Media Section.

Wasalam Ma'Al Ikram

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Brother ye Munazra Gustakh e Rasool Kon Deobandi ya Barelwi? 1979 mein hua thaa Govt. ki Nigraani mein.. jis mein 3 judges ne Muttafiqa Faisla diya tha ke Deobandi Gustakh hain...

ye Munazre ki VCD to nahi hai.. shayad kahi se Audio Cassette mile per us ki quality bhi kaafi kharab hai muje kisi ne bataya hai... is liye aap market se book ki soorat mein khareed lein...

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Na Bahi jhoot hey sab


Sab main tu ap bhi shamil hain. phir apki bat ka etabar kese kia jaye?

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Assalam-o-Allaikum my sunni brethern!


Munazara-e-Jhang ki audio/video ki talash mein tu mein bhi hon but mil nahi saka, albatta iss munazaray ke ikhtitaam per 3 judges ka signed faislay ka scan hazir-e-khidmat hai;



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