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There is one question with respect to Istighatha, Mannat and Dua

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As Salaam o alaikum Hazrat.

There is one question with respect to Istighatha, Mannat and Dua.

Sunni consider Istighatha permissible. Atleast no sunni denies it when it's sought from beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him).

But also I have heard from sunni scholars that dua is only made to ALLAH TA'ALA.

How we differentiate between Istighatha and Dua.

Most sunni at blessed shrines of Awlia of ALLAH raised their hands and ask for their needs.
Like addressing Khawaja Ghareb Nawaz with raising of hands as in Dua and ask" Ya Khawaja Mera ye kaam agar ho jaaye to Mai itne logo ko khana khilaunga ya koi aur nafl kaam ki mannat maangi"

So would this "Mannat" or "This Istighatha" not be similar to "Dua"? And then there is verdict which I have heard that "Dua is exclusive to ALLAH only".

Most common example is : Visiting the blessed Roza Shareef and then raising hands like in Dua and saying "Bhar do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) " is the famous Istighatha.
But how is this Isthighatha is not considered "Dua" which is only for ALLAH (I have heard that Dua is only for ALLAH, there fore this confusion comes to my mind).

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Dua ki tara haath utha kar kissi wali ya Nabi say madad mangna haram nahin toh makrooh tahrimi zeroor heh. Yehni Haram kay itni qareeb heh kay gunna zeroor hoga. 

Agar ilah/mabood manh hath utha kar kuch manga toh ibadat lazam hogi. Yeh kufr akbar heh aur Islam say kharij karti heh. Makhloq wasteh ilah/mabood kay nazria qaim karnay ki bunyad par Shirk akbar bi lazam ahay ga aur shirk akbar islam say kharij karta heh. 

Mannat, ka tareeka heh, ya Allah agar tooh nay beta ata keeya toh mein 10  ghareebon ko  makan bana doon ga ... Waghayra ... Mannat waliyun say nahin mangi jati ... 

Istighathah is to seek help of either directly from soul of a Nabi/Wali, as in, o Wali give me this, or o wali make duaon my behalf to Allah so Allah gives me this. Or indirectly, as in, O Allah help me through ur this Nabi/wali.

Dua which is Ibadah is one which is coupled with belief of Ilahiyyah/mabudiyyah n niyyah of ibadah. In other words dua which is directed to a being about whom the invoker believes he is my ilah n has intention of ibadah while invoking ie making dua, such dua is worship. 


Bhar do joli meri, is just a naat, i have not ever heard anyone do this, but if someone does, he does nothing wrong because prophet said Allah is giver n i am distributor. Sahih bukhari ki Hadith heh. Jis ko jo mila rasoolallah kay waseeleh say mila, deeya Allah nay taqseem keeya rasoolallah nay. 

I have not ever heard or seen anyone claiming to be Sunni and behave as youre saying. 

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