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Aik Sahabi e Rasool Ka Waqia


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Faizan e Ilm

Allah Pak ke Aakhri Nabi Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ aik sahabi se guftagu farma rahe the keh Aap ﷺ par wahi aayi keh is sahabi ki zindagi ghanta bhar baqi reh gayi hai.

Yeh waqt asr ka tha. Huzoor ﷺ ne jab yeh baat us sahabi ko batai to unhon ne betaab ho kar iltija ki.

“Ya Rasool Allah ﷺ! mujhe aise amal ke bare mein bataye jo is waqt mere liye sab se behtar ho” to Aap ﷺ ne farmaya:

“Ilm e deen seekhne mein mashgool ho jao” chunanche woh sahabi ilm e deen seekhne mein mashgool ho gaye aur maghrib se pehle hi un ka inteqal ho gaya.

Ravi farmate hain keh agar ilm e deen se afzal koi amal hota to Allah Pak ke Aakhri Nabi Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ ussi ka hukum irshad farmate. (Tafseer e Kabeer)

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