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Wuqu Al Kadhib Wa Rashid Gangohi

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On Wuqu Al Kadhib The Stance of Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Is Proven From Tafilat e Rasheediya, What he did was he inserted the issue of Khalf e Wa’ad, Wa’id in Imkan al Kizb, He was trying to justify the stance of Khalil Ambethvi due to which he tried to insert Imkan Al Kizb In Khalf e Wa’ad To Prove His Stance. Which is Kufr.

Rashid Ahmad Gangohi And Wuqu Al Kizb:
Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Wrote  "Alhasil imqan e kizb hee murad dukhool kizb that qudrat bari ta’ala heh, yehni joh wada, wa’id farmaya heh, is kay khilaf par qadir heh.” And Also Wrote “Muhaqiqeen ahle Islam o Sufia kiram o azaam ka is masla mein yeh heh kay, kizb dakhal that qudrat bari ta’ala heh.” Here These two statements of his shows that according to Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi That Khalf e Wa’ad o Wa’id is the proof of Kizb e Bari Ta’la.

Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Assertor of Wuqu Al Kizb:
Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi Writes “Ayaat o Ahadith e kaseera say yeh masla sabat heh, ek ek misaal Quran o Hadith ki likhi jaati heh. Ek jaga iashad janab bari; قُلْ هُوَ الْقَادِرُ عَلَى أَن يَبْعَثَ عَلَيْكُمْ عَذَابًا [6:65] Aur dosri jaga farmaya; وَمَا كَانَ اللّهُ لِيُعَذِّبَهُمْ وَأَنتَ فِيهِمْ [8:33] Ayat sania mein nafi azab ka wada farmaya, aur zahir heh agar is [nafi azaab] kay khilaf ho to kizb lazam ahay ga. Magar ayat aula say is [kizb] ka that e qudrat bari ta’ala dakhal hona maloom huwa.” Here Now For Example: My first sentence is My Name is Muhammad Gangohi and My next sentence is My name is Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. If my first sentence contradicts my last sentence, my lie will be proven or say it like this that the occurrence of a lie was issued from me, or possibility of lie was proven from me. Obviously when my own sentences have contradicting statements so the occurrence of a lie was issued from me (Wuqu Al Kizb). The question is that if the previous ayat is against the next ayat what will be proven Imkan al Kizb or Wuqu Al Kizb? This shows that Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi proved Wuqu Al Kizb in the while proving imkan e kizb o khalf e wa’id.
Now because Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi did Tawil of Imkan al Kizb with Imkan e Khalf e Wa’ad o Wa’id, due to which he gets accused that he used to believe in wuqu e khalf e wa’id. Because Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi proved wuqu al kizb and khalf e wa’id, now due to 3 reasons his kufr was necessary.

First Reason of Gangohi’s Kufr:

He proved Wuqu Al Kizb of Allah. This is Kufr

Second Reason of Gangohi’s Kufr:
He proved Wuqu e Khalf e Wa’id, while Allah says in the Quran “Surely Allah never goes against his Promise”.

Third Reason of Gangohi’s Kufr:
Due to him proving Wuqu e Khalf e Wa’id, He is proven to go against the Ayah of Quran where Allah says  “Surely Allah never goes against his Promise”.
English Article of Muhammad Ali Razavi (May Allah Bless Him) explains it in detail here

Sayyidi AlaHazrat And Rashid Ahmad Gangohi:
Sayyidi AlaHazrat wrote in Hussmal Al Haramayn That Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi proved the occurrence of kizb for Allah. Those who propagate towards Sayyid AlaHazrat about Wuqu al Kizb and Letter Of Gangohi that it was falsely attributed towards Gangohi Sahab, I have a question what will you say on Talifat e Rashidiya in Which Shaykh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi proved the occurrence of kizb for Allah?

What Shaykh Gangohi Did Was That Kizb Occured From Allah (wa iyadubillah). Due to which Sayyidi AlaHazrat issued a Fatawa against him.

Waalhamdulillah Rab al-Alamin
Muhammad Adil Rashid



Edited by Muhammad Adil
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