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Imām Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi and Sayyidi Musa Suhag

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A Wahhabi from twitter posted something about Sayyidi Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi and Sayyidi Musa Suhag. That Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi endorsed Sayyidi Musa Suhag's Ghayr Shar'i Qawl. While He Praised The Shaykh But Didn't Endorsed His Qawl. 

The Passage Of Imam Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi:
The Original Paragraph of Imam Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi is as follows: 
Question: Hazrat Majzub Ki Kiya Pehchan Heh? Translation [Hazrat What Is The Identification Of A Majuzb?]

Answer: Sachay Majzub Ki Pehchan Heh Kay Woh Kabhi Shari'at e Mutahira Ka Muqabala Nahin Karega. Translation [The Sign Of  A True Majzub Is That He Will Never Oppose The Commands Of Pristine Shariah]. Hazrat Sayyid Musa Suhag Rahmatullah Alayh Mash'ur Mujazib Say Thay, Ahmedabad Mein Mazar Shairf Heh. Main Ziyarat Se Musharaf Huwa Houn. Zanana Wajah Rakhtay Thay. Aik Baar Shadid Qahat Parha. Badshah Wa Qadhi [Qazi] Ka Akabir Jam'ah Hokar Hazrat Kay Pass Dua Ke Liye Gaye Inkar Farmatay Heh Kay Mein Kiya Dua Ke Qabil Hun, Jab Logon Ko Aazari Had Se Zyada Guzri Aik Patthar Uthaya Aur Dusre Hath Ki Churiyon Ki Taraf Laye Aur Asman Ki Taraf Laye Aur Asman Ki Taraf Mun Karkay Bolay ; Mim Bheje Ya Apnay Suhag Lijiye! Yeh Kehna Thah Ke Gataye Pahad Ki Tarah Umadi Aur Jhal Thar Bhar Diye. Translation [I had the privilege of  visiting Mazar Shar'if Of Sayyidi Musa Suhag, He was a famous Majzub of Ahmedabad. He always dressed in Woman's Clothing. Once, There was severe drought in the city and the King, along with the pious and respectable persons, approached him to make Du'a for rain. He refused and said that he wasn't fit to make Du'a. This refusal is a sign of  their Humility, When The People Insisted, He then picked up a stone in one hand, and stretched out the other hand which was adorned with Bangles. He looked up to the Sky and Cried to Allah Send Rain Or Take Back Your Wife. As he said this, dark cloud gathered instantly and it began to rain heavily.] [1]

Who Is A Majzub? What Is The Shar'ai Hukm [Ruling] On A Majzub:
Majzub - means someone who is absorbed in a state that Shari'ah Extempts him.

Shar'ai Hukm On Majzub:

"Majzub - means someone who is absorbed in a state that Shari'ah Extempts him." Proof of the Majzub being free from the Kalam [Pen] Of Sha'ria Is Established From A Hadith: Narrated 'Ali: That the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "The pen has been lifted from three; for the sleeping person until he awakens, for the boy until he becomes a young man and for the mentally insane until he regains sanity." [2] 
From the above Hadith we get the established ruling on the likes of Majzub that they are absorbed in a state that Shari'ah Extempts them. Given this Proof it is established that Sayyidi Musa Suhag is free from the Hukm Of Sha'ria.

Imam Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi Endorsed Sayyidi Musa Suhag's [Take Back Your Wife] Qawl:
Wahhabi From The Twitter Propagates That Imam Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi Endorsed Sayyidi Musa Suhag's Qawl And What Is His Proof? His Proof Is That Imam Shāh Aḥmad Ridā Khān Barelwi Narrated The Waq'ia Of Sayyidi Musa Suhag Who Is A Majzub As Mentioned In The Original Ibarat. I've explained Who Is A Majzub And What Is The Shar'ai Rulling On It. Now, If Narrating A Waq'ia Is Same As Endorsing The Ibarat Then Imam Muslim Is One Of The First To Fall Into Endorsing Ghayr Shar'i Qawl: [Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said: Allah is more pleased with the repentance of a servant as he turns towards Him for repentance than this that one amongst you is upon the camel in a waterless desert and there is upon (that camel) his provision of food and drink also and it is lost by him, and he having lost all hope (to get tbat) lies down in the shadow and is disappointed about his camel and there he finds that camel standing before him. He takes hold of his nosestring and then out of boundless joy says: 0 Lord, Thou art my servant and I am Thine Lord. He commits this mistake out of extreme delight.] [3]. Now My Question From Wahhabi/Deobandi Is Where Did Imam Muslim Said [0 Lord, Thou art my servant and I am Thine Lord] Is Kufr? Isn't According To Wahhabi Standards Narrating A Qawl Is Same As Endorsing It? The Qawl Saying To Allah [Take Back Your Wife] Is No Doubt Shirk/Kufr. Even In The Case Of Sayyidi Musa Suhag It is Kufr But Due to him being in a particular state he is free from the Shar'i Ruling. Burden of proof is upon the Wahabiya to show where AlaHazrat Endorsed These Words? If that is still your standard then Imam Muslim is not free from you Ruling.

Shāh Walī Allāh al-Dihlawī And Sayyidi Musa Suhag: 
Sayyidi Musa Suhag Rahmatullah Alayh was also mentioned by Shāh Walī Allāh al-Dihlawī Rahmatullah Alayh Who Is Claimed Also By Wahabis/Deobandis. If AlaHazrat is guilty of crime for mentioning Sayyidi Musa Suhag then before AlaHazrat, Shāh Walī Allāh al-Dihlawī is guilty of crime according to Wahabis/Deobandis Standard. Because AlaHazrat orginally quoted this incident from Malfuzat of Shāh Walī Allāh al-Dihlawī "Al Qawl Al Jali". 

[1] https://archive.org/details/MalfoozatEAalaHazratComplete4Jild/page/n278/mode/1up Scan of the Passage
[2] Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1423 https://sunnah.com/tirmidhi:1423
[3] Sahih Muslim 2747a https://sunnah.com/muslim:2747a
[4] Al-Qawl Al Jali Page 336 https://www.islamimehfil.com/uploads/monthly_10_2012/post-4540-0-90488100-1349958664.jpg

Wama Alayna Ilal Balagh Ul-Mubeen
Faqir Muhammad Adil Rashid 

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