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Surkh Dastar Khuwan Par Etraz Ka Jawab

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Surkh Dastar Khawn Per Khaanay K Fazail


Az:Hazrat Molana Muhamamd Ilyas Attar Qadri



1:Surkh Dastar Khawn Per Khaana Nabi Kareem صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم Ki Sunnat Hay.


2.Surkh Dastar Khawn Per mehmaan ko khaana khilaana Sunnat hay.


3.Surkh Dastar Khawn Per Khaana Hazrat Ibrahim علیہ السلام aor Hazrat Eesa علیہ السلام ki Sunnat Hay.


4.Hazrat Eesa علیہ السلام per jo Dastar Khawn Aasmaan say nazil hua tha us ka rang Surkh Tha.


5.Hazrat Musa علیہ السلام Hamesha Surkh dastar khawn per Khaana Tanawul Farmaatay Thay.


6.Hazrat Syeduna Usman Harooni رحمت اللہ علیھ K LIay Sufaid Dastar Khawn bichaya gea to aap nay farmaaya k Surkh Dastar Khawn laao k Sunnat Hay.



7.Hamesha Surkh Dastar Khawn per khaana khaanay walay ko Roz-e-Qimat Hazrat Jibrael علیہ السلام Jannati Libas Pehna Kar Buraq per swaar kar k Jannat mein lay jaaein ge.


8.Jo Surkha dastar Khawn per khaana khaae ga us ko 1k Umra aor 1k Hazaar bhookon ko Khaana khilaanay ka swab milay ga aor Goya is nay Ummat k 1k Hazaar Qedion ko Churaya.


9.Jo Surkha Dastar Khawn per khaana khaata hay us ko Har Luqma k badlay 100 Nekian milti hein.Jannat mein is k 100 Darjaat bulan hotay hein.aor isay Jannat mein Hazrat Eesa علیہ السلام ka Pros Naseeb ho ga.


10.Kisi ko Surkh Dastar Khawn per khaana khilaana bra swab hay.Jab khaanay wala Farigh ho jae ga to Khilaanay waalay k Saaray gunah Bakhsh deay jaaein Ge.


11.Jo shakhs Mehman ko Surkh Dastar khawn per khaana khilae ga us ko har us daanay k baday jo mehmaan nay Uthaya,1000 Nekian milein Gi


12.Syeduna Khawja Shareef رحمت اللہ علیھ farmaatay hein k Jo shaksh Surkha Dastar Khawn per khaana khae ya Khilae ALLAH عزوجل Us ki traf Nazr-e-Rehmat farmaata hay aor us k 1k Hazaar Darjaat buland farmaata hay.


Surkh Dastar Khuwan Kay 12 Madani Phool.JPG

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