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A Great Pic of the Green Dome of Prophet Muhammed Pbuh


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Mubarak Everyone on the Starting of the Blessed Month of Rabi Al-Awwal Mubarak



(salam)About the picture it has got kind of hope in form of love to the prophet

Mohammad as seen in the story of this lady


Inspired by the great Islamic photographer Peter Sanders


This picture has got such a great meaning beside the phenomenal Alqoba


Al qoba al kadra is such an object yet having the prophet Mohammed adds a

pleasure value to it that non doom has got ever.


Yet, this picture, I loved to call it

السلام عليك

As you can see the women wearing black Abaia is standing and saying alslaam

3like yarasool Allah. Honestly, I was lucky to have this woman within the

shot as she gives it such a great meaning besides having the phenomenal view

of al qoba al kadra


That why I love this picture here, I can feel how much love this lady got

in her heart as she could not just pass away and said alslaam 3alike, yet

she stopped over and faced the alqoba alkadra and showed her true love to

the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and that something she got and

expressed by her action

May allah accept her.

O salaa alalh 3lieeek ya rasoool allah


thanks a lot o all the best for everyone yarab





Saudi Photographer Bahi Mashat

Student of the Late Shaykh Al-Sayyid Muhammed Alawi Al-Maliki Makki (R.A)


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riyad ul jannah.

yaha nafl parhanay ka bohat sawab milta hai.rayad ul jannah jannat ka tokra hai jo isi tarha qayamat kay din utha liya jaye ga....yaha nafal parhana is taraha hai jesay kay jannat main nafal parhay hoo.aur is jaga jo dua mangi jaye woo qabool hoti hai aur ibaadat ka swab bhi zayada milta hai.......


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اللهم صلي و سلم و بارك على حبيبك و رسولك صاحب الوجه الانور والجبين الازهر

اللهم صلي و سلم و بارك عليه


يا خير من دفنت في القاع أعظمه *** فطاب من طيبهن القاعُ والأَكمُ


نفسي الفداء لقبر أنت ساكنهُ *** فيه العفاف وفيه الجود والكرمُ


أنتَ الحبيب الذي ترجى شفاعته *** عند الصراط إذا ما زلت القدمُ



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