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Dear Learnt Brothers,

Initially Sunnis have only one large and international web forum i.e. www.yanabi.com.

But with the initialization of www.islamimehfil.info I can say that without doubts this forum is the top sunni forum with people of high profile Islamic knowledge.

I have few confusions in my mind for last many months…These are about Fatwa Mehriya by Hazrat Peer Syed Mehar Ali (Rahmatullah Alihay).

1) Deoband are from Ahle Sunnah

2) Praise for Ismail Dehlvi


Deobandi usually used this to creates doubts about conflicts among Sunni Ulemas like Imam Ahmed Raza(Rahmatullah Alihay) and Hazrat Peer Syed Mehar Ali (Rahmatullah Alihay).


Please clarfiy




Muhammad Faisal

Manager-International Optical Communication Network



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brother. ye deobandion ki chaal lagti hay. is main jo page ap ne post kia hai is ke agey pechay ka sayaq o sabaaq kia hay? peer sahib se kia suwal howa? or kia waqayi ulema e deoband ke bare main suwal howa.


is main likha hai علمائے متنازعین aur ye word zarori tu nahi ke ulema deoband ke mutaliq ho. or dosra peer sahib aleh rahma ki ye bat ke zikr e aanhazrat (saw) ko zarori aetaqad o wajib samajhte hain. is se waziha ho raha hay ke ye kalam deobandion ke lye nahi. ye tu namaz main gadhe ke khayal ko jaiz samjhte hain mager nabi (saw) ka khayal.... muazAllah..


peer sahib aleh rahma par kuch mazed aitaraz ye karte hain ke unho ne tehzeer un nas kitab ki taref ki or hawala apni aik kitab dhool ki awaz ka dete hain. ulema e ahle sunnat ne uska taaqub kia hai. pas deobandi aaj tak jawab nahi de sake or sabit nahi kar sake ke peer sahib ne tareef ki hay..


(ia) main jald woh post karta hon. or iske bare main bhi dekhta hon shayed malomat mil jayen.

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Dear Sir,

Many thanks for clarfication that such views are not present in Fatwa e Mehriya.

One Khabees Deobandi is uploading humilating and false stuff against AhleSunnat on www.youtube.com

Additional favour is sort for specially uploading them on Youtube as a reply to deobandis Propoganda.


Allah to bless us with ultimate Rehmat




Muhammad Faisal

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