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Deobandi Molvis - ###### stars!

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Please watch this video:


check my channel for debate with a deobandi on Youtube. I am not active there any longer due to personal issues but I will be back there to fix him and all deobandiyat. Insha'Allah (azw) , Next time I will have my mates from this forum to help me build up even better portfolio of proofs.




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Dear Furqan Bhai,


Allah app ko jaza dai ...app nai youtube per Diffa e Ahle Sunnat kai liay bhut Kam kia hai.....


Without doubt u have made life of deobandi/wahabi mazahab followers quite miserable and ridiculous.

Bhut Shukriya!!!

You (mfurqan2nv) have uploaded a video for exposing kufr of wahabi Mufti Taqi Usmani at following address;

Some followers of deobandi mazhab are rejecting bc the scan pgs are not available.

Pls download the scan pages from following link and edit that video again,please






Muhammad Faisal

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