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Ahelsunnat Par Imkan e Kizb ka Ilzam

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One very active Deobandi (stern munafiq) on youtube has uploaded following video;




Book shown Malfoozat e AlaHazrat P-388 for claiming that Sunnis/barelvis has faith in Imkan e Kizb.


Please answer this ...as i am not able to understand.


Few months back a Sunni bro " Muhammad Furqan" youtube user id "mfurqan2nv" was countering and refuting him ...but for last few months no body is tackling him.


I have earlier requestd him to be active again...but for some reason he isnt yet!!!



Since www.youtube.com is world most famous media site ....visited by millions around teh world so such allgations must be countered by some learnt brothers on "youtube".





Muhammad Faisal

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(salam) bhai


iss ka jawab pehlay bhi Malang ko day diyya tha. baat kuch bhi nahi siraf aur siarf Ibarat ko kaant chaant ka shikar banaya gaya hay. uss kazzab nay AalaHazrat(ra) ki ibarat ko aagay peechay say kaat kar likh diya keh yeh AalaHazrat(ra) nay farmaya hay jab keh unhon nay iss ka radd kiya hay




aap iss ko youtube par add kar lain mujhay add karna anhi aata



Wahabion kay imkan e kizb kay aqeday kay baray main details yahan parh lain



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I am really garetfull to brother for posting response on Youtube also.


It will be more appropiate if response to "Pir Karam Ali Shah (ra) on Tehzeer un Naas " and "Peer Mehar Ali Shah (ra) calls deobaandi Ahl eSunnat" must also be posted on youtube and added to Eitarazat sections of www.JA-Alhaq.com

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