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Deobandiyon ko aik jhatka

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Piyary Islami bhiyoon main nay aaj Deobandiyon ko aik jhatka dia hay or in k foram per aik file share ker di hay jo k yehaan bhi main share ker chuka hoon (Deobaniyon k Aqaid) ab dekh na yeh hay k yeh log kia radd-e-amal zahir ker tay hain :lol: or main nay in k foram say aik yeh fatwa bhi uthaya hay is ko bhi aap dekh lain, or aik baat or yeh k wo log apnay Kawwa khor Ulma ko kafi Izzat or Takreem k sath likh tay hain main aap ko wahan ki kuch post aap ko share ker ta hoon ok aap k logoon ko bohat maza aye ga parh ker yeh sab aik dum new or latest hain :lol:


In 'Arwahe Thalatha' Mawlana Muhammad Yahya Sahib (rahimuhullah) is reported as saying: Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (rahimuhullah) told me, "Molvi Yahya, Ahmed Raza Khan has been refuting me for some time now. Please read his writings to me". I replied, "Hadhrat I am unable to do this". Hadhrat enquired, "Why?"


I said, "Hadhrat there is vulgar language, in his writings". Hadhrat then said, "What is there in distant abuse, it is of no use, read it to me perhaps he has written some valuable facts, we can retract our view". I said Hadhrat, this duty I cannot do"


Hadhrat Hakeemul Ummat (rahimuhullah) remarks in the footnotes of this incident, "Allahu Akbar! What devotion to the truth that's overcome by the search for it, one is not moved or effected by the enemies indecency. Mawlana Yahya's saying, "I cannot do so", is in conformity to the saying of Hadrat `Ali (radiAllahu `anhu), "I cannot wipe out the title". ( Addressing Rasulullah :s: when the disbeliever's demanded that the word 'Rasulullah' be obmitted from the treaty of Hudaibiyah).


Hakeemul Ummat Mawlana Ashraf `Ali Thanwi (rahimuhullah) narrates in 'Ifadat-e-Yawmiya', "I have heard from my primary Ustaad Mawlana Fateh Muhammad Saheb (rahimuhullah) that once when Mawlana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (rahimuhullah) went to Makkah to extend an invitation, by Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki (rahimuhullah), to attend a Mawlid Sharif. Hadhrat asked, "Mawlana, will you come along?"


Mawlana replied, "No Hadhrat, I am not going, before I stopped the people of Hindustan (India) from going. If I participate here (in Hijaz) the people there (in India ) will say that I participated happily here".


Instead of Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki (rahimuhullah) feeling bad, he very much appreciated the refusal, and said, "I would not have been so happy by your coming, as I am about your not coming".



Haji Muhammad A'la Ambetwi (rahimuhullah) had returned from Hajj and announced that Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki (rahimuhullah) had given him permission to listen to Sama`. Someone related this to the Mawlana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (rahimuhullah). Mawlana said, "He is incorrect and if he is speaking the truth, then Haji Sahib is wrong. In such masa`il it is Haji Sahib's duty to ask us. And in masa`il regarding the reformation of the self it is our duty to follow Haji Sahib".


Because of this incident there was a big uproar amongst the people, but the harm and corruption that would have arisen was completely avoided. Mawlana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (rahimuhullah) did not bother about his own defamation when it came to protecting the Deen. Some people notified Haji Imdad Ullah Muhajir Makki (rahimuhullah) about what had transpired, but it did not disturb Haji Sahib (rahimuhullah) in the least, although others had complained against Mawlana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (rahimuhullah)


Yeh jo kuch BOLD main hay yeh sab Deobandi Foram say copy paste kai hay main ainda bhi aap ko bhi wahan say copy paste ker k bohat kuch doon ga ager unhoon nay mujh per banned na lagaya to :lol:


Sajid Ali (Mutlaashi



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