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1Frightening animals

It was the last Friday in Sha`baan 1414ah. During an Ijtima at night to propagate the Sunnah at Baab-ul-Madina (Korangi), a young man met me. He was extremely frightened and narrated the following incident, `A young daughter of a very good friend of mine suddenly died. When we had completed the burial and were returning, the father of the deceased realised that he had accidentally left a bag which contained important papers with his young daughter in her grave. As a matter of great need, we had to reopen the grave. When we opened the grave, what we saw made us scream with extreme fear because the same young girl who we had just covered in a new piece of cloth was now sitting up straight with her shroud torn. Her legs were tied with the hair on her head and small frightening animals which we did not recognise were stuck to her. We forgot what we had come for and without even retrieving the bag, we covered the grave and ran from their. When I returned home, I inquired about the sins of this young girl. Her relatives revealed that she possessed no such bad habits which had made her look bad; however, like the young girls of today, she also thought of herself as a fashionable person and never used to cover herself. Recently, there was a wedding in her family and like other females, she also cut her hair and joined other women without any covering at all.`

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