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Kindly Mention The Hadees-e-Pak !

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If U Pplz Hav Then Pls Kindly Share Hadees Mubaraka Jiss Mai Aisay Logo Keliyee Biyan Kia Gaya Ho Jo Kehtay Hai Kay Tamam Ambiyaa Karaam Aulia Karaam Marr Chukay Hain :-)

M Waiting For Ur Quick Response



Muhammad Awais Qadri !




para no 2 rukr 2 aayat hai ''wala taqooloo limaiyaqtulu feesabeelillahi amwaat bal ahyaa anwwala killa tash oroon'' hadees mishkaat shareef ''iinal laha harrama alal arzi an takula ajsaadal anmbiyaayi fa nabiyullahi hayyun yurzaq'' is aayat aur hadees se zinda hone ka saboot hai

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