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wahabiyon ka tarqawardat

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wahabiyon ki ishat shoda kitab ka scan

Now please see the WAHABI version.


Ghuniya Al Talibeen , page 591, published by Maktaba Saudiya , Hadith Manzil, Pakistan.








Muslims should not waste their money on buying books printed by Wahabi publishing house. Please consult sunni scholars before buying books.




Note : Wahabi sympathisers can give benifit of doubt to thse wahabis by stating: "it was a printing error" !


Insha Alllah more wahabi fabrications will be brought in the future.




27th Zil Hijja, 1429


[ 26th Dec ,2008]


Khalil Ahmed Rana and Abdullah Chisti

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<H2 class=contentheading>Ghuniya Al Talibeen and Wahabi Fabrication </H2>Friday, 26 December 2008 07:27 Advanced - Refutation emailButton.png printButton.png pdf_button.png The Wahabis have done it again! This time they have been caught fabricating Ghuniya Al Talibeen written by Sayed Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani


[ Radi allahu ta'ala].




Under the chapter of "Taraweeh" , all the printed editon of Ghuniya Al Talibeen has twenty rakats . Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani [ Radia allahu ta'ala] writes " The rakats for Taraweeh salah is TWENTY" . This is also found in the manuscripts of Ghniya Al Talibeen , as told by sidi sunnimale from Marifah Forums.




Till this date, all the printed edition of this book has "Twenty Rakat of taraweeh". But now the wahabis have fabricated this and have published a wahabi version of Ghuniya Al Talibeen which has 11 rakat of Taraweeh which includes three rakat of witr. That is , the wahabis have stated that the number of rakats of tarawweh is eight ! [ 8 ( taraweeh) + 3 (witr)].




All the four school of Jurispudence( Fiqh) , all the salaf as saliheen have narrated the rakat of tarawweh as twenty. Till this date , the number of taraweeh rakat perfomred in madina al munawwara is twenty .




All the muslims are united since last fourteen hundred years that the number of rakat for tarawweh salah is TWENTY.




Only the wahabis [who follow Ibn Abdal wahab najdi al tamimi , Albani and his company] adhere to EIGHT rakat Tarawweh which has no basis in Fiqh.


See the scans.




Ghuniya Al Talibeen , page 392, published by Tameer Insaniyat , pa kistan.


This , as well as the manuscripts and all printed edition says TWNETY RAKAT tarawweh.



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