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Darul Uloom Deoband ka bani kaun?

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Ala Hazrat Network per aik New Book dekhi aur socha ky app sab say share karta jaon zaror read kijiye.





Who is the founder of darul uloom deoband?

A research book containing historical truths about darul uloom of deoband, India.

دارالعلوم دیوبند کا بانی کون؟

Written by: Dr. Ghulam Yahya Anjum



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Some extracts from the Book.

Deobandi Mazhab ky markaz Dar ul Uloom Deoband k asal bani Haji Syed Abid Hussain thy.In ky aqaid o mamolat wohe the jo Imam Ahmad Raza Barelvi k the.


Is baat ka aiterf/izhar Ulma e Deoband ke kutub se kasrat k sath milta hay.Haji Sahab Milad,Urs,Khatam e Khawajgan etc ka bhut shok se ehtamam kerty the.


Molvi Qasim Nanotvi ny Madrassa e Deoband per qabza kar k Wahabiat ke tarveej ke. Aor Madrassa e Deoband ko Angraiz agent Pasmar ke hidayat per Islam Dushmani ka markaz bana diya.


In sab haqaiq k leay Deobandi Ulma ke kitabo se lkhay janay wale TehqeeqDeoband ka Asal Bani konperhain.








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