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i messed about my whole life

I never gave a thought about my children and wife


money was my goal

my heart this world stole


the fastest cars i had to buy

the biggest house i had to get,i had to be the richest guy


I was totally lost in the world of sin

I didn't realise in the afterlife my life would truely begin


the world swallowed me whole

my heart had become as black as coal


but then my whole world came crashing down

I felt like I was going to drown


When one night the angel of death came knocking on my door

The knocking i tried my hardest to ignore


"open the door it's the angel of death,I have come to take your life" he said

from this i started to turn very red


"go away im not ready yet" i cried

the angel of death said "from Allah you can hide"


he asked again if I would open the door

but i just screamed more and more


so the angel walked through it like a jinn

from then i started to think about all my sin


"please don't take me!" I cried with fear

I started sobbing tear after tear


"To Allah I never did repent for all my sins"

Now i have to stand befor allah, while he reads out my book of sins


"It's too late now i have to take your soul" the angel replied

"for in hell the pain will never subside"


listening no more the angel took my soul

And my body will be left to rot in a hole


All my worldly goods left behind

it was like my whole life i was blind


I never realised what i did wrong

Now to Allah my soul does belong.


By Aisha

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