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dawat-e-islami ki books

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If your friend has got access to the internet then you can give him this website; http://www.faizanemadinacanada.net


From this website I've found the following contacts;

Telephone; (905) 756-4110 ---- Try this number, and if works then ask them if they've got Dawat-e-Islami Books.


If the number does not work then try going to the Faizan-e-Madina in person and ask the brothers there, I'm sure they should have some books available at the Faizan-e-Madina, inshaAllah azzawajal.


Faizan-e-Madina Canada

1060 Britannia Road, E. Unit # 20

Mississauga, ON

L4W 4T1


Hope that helps

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I never said they sell books online. I said give them a ring or go there in person.


If you're looking for a Faizan-e-Madinah in another place, you can still give them a ring and ask them about the place you're looking in. I'm sure they can help you, inshaAllah azzawajal.


check this link as well;



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I've found this as well, jst give it a try if you want.




Day: Saturday

Time: After Isha Prayers

Location: Faizan-e-Madina 6502 Parc Ave, QC H2V 4H9

Corner Beaubien


Contacts: 514 - 2729509 FAIZAN-E-MADINA

514 - 9837861 Muhammad Faizal Attari Qadri



Ijtima for Sisters (Montreal)


Day: Sunday


Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00pm


Location: Aprt 911, Building 320 Dixion Rd, Etobicock

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