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All deeds of the seed of Adam

are for him but one

Oh Lord of this blessed month

we praise you for Ramadhan

and for the kitab You revealed therein

to guide us to the light

Ya Rabb, give us the imaan

to stand in prayer that mighty night

let our siyam benefit us more

than mere hunger and unquenched thirst

and by Your Grace, the ayaat of Qur'an

each day we shall rehearse

may we be restrained from the evil deeds

and from evil in what we say

may we know and understand

and implement the Prophet's way

what joy was there when believers saw

the hilal, the crescent moon

may we all emerge from this month, insha'Allah


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May Allah shower his blessing,

On the Ummah,

As Ramdhan is approaching,

Around the bend,


May Allah Aza'wajal make it easy,

For fasting is presribed on us,

As it was presscribed to ones before us,

May the days and night be spent in prayers,

May we refresh our lives from herein,


Shaytan will be locked away,

Hooray our work should be easier,

But hold and think again,

Our habits are already bad,

So let us try to mend it,

For Allah give us another chance,

Good health and strenght,

Which we take for granted,

Soon which will be no more,


Let us get started,

before it is too late,

For time and tide waits for no one,

Ramdhan here you come,

And you shall see,

That I am prepared.

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