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Nasli Mirzaye Ahle Kitab Hain Unka Zabeha Jaiz Hay !!

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Nasli Mirzaye Ahle Kitab Hain Unka Zabeha Jaiz Hay !!



Deobandi Hazrat Kay Mufti e Azam Mufti Kiffayatullah Dehlawi Ka Fatwa Mulahiza Farma Aain :::

Sawal :: Jo Skhas Ahmadi Firqa (Almaroof Mirzaye Firqa ) Say Taulluq Rakhnay Wala Ho Khuwah Woh Mirza Aanjehani Ko Nabi Manta Ho Ya Mujaddid Aur Walli Waghera Uskay Hath Ka Mazboha Halal Hay Ya Haram ? Almutaftey 469 Abdullah Bhawalpur


349 Jawab > Agar Yeh Skhas Khud Mirzaye Aqedah Akhtiar Karnay Wala Hay Yani uskay Maan Baap Mirzaye Na Thay To Yeh Murtad Hay uskay Hath Zabeha Durust Nahy , Laykin Agar uskay Maan Baap Ya Un Main Say Koie Aik Mirzaye tha To Yeh Ahle Kitab Kay Hukam Main Hay Uskay Hath Ka Zabeha Durust Hay.

Muhammad Kiffayatullah Dehli



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