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Doggy Ameen - Claim Of Prophethood (Latest)

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I have been attached with Sheikh Ameen for a long period. I was told that this man is a true Ashiq of Muhmmad ( Peace be Upon Him). But some time ago,  friend of mine told me that on  You Tube  there are some video clips about you Sheikh. When I listned on You Tube those videos and I compared those videos with CD of Sheikh Ameen which were given to me by his followers, I found that both bear the sound of Sheikh Ameen and clips on You Tube are real. After listening to those, I contacted Sheikh Ameen in Multan. He told me those clips are fake and someone is defaming. While the CDs have the same voice and wording. After knowing Sheikh Ameens lie, I decided this man is a fruad. Then I, Alhamdollilah broke my oath with him. Its true he has been lieing upon Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in his CDs. I am thankful to the man who exposed him on Internet. But it is really surprising that Religious Scholars have shut their eyes on this Fitna. It was duty of  religious Scholars to condemn and expose this man. .  Scholars consisant  silance makes us feel  that there is something fishy. If they do their religious duty sincerely, many naïve people can be saved from this Fitna.

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Yeh Ameen musalmaan nahin Kaffir heh is kee ibarat say sabat hota heh kay yeh Ummati-Nabi hona ka dawa ker raha heh ... kehta heh kay tariqeh say be baat kerta hoon aur begher tariqeh kay bee keyun kay Nabi tareekay kay tabay nahin hota ... tariqeh ka tabeh Ummati heh aur joh tabeh nah ho baqaul is kee mantaq kay woh Nabi heh is leyeh Tabeh heh aur nahin be, tabeh ho ker Ummati aur nah ho ker Nabi, Ummati + Nabi = Ummati-Nabi = Ghulam Qadiyanis claim I am Zilli, Buruzi, Ummati, Nabi.


Yeh Kaffir heh, is ko Sullah-Kulliat say nikaal ker Murtid kay forum meh dala jahay.

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