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Oh Mankind be mindful!...

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O Servants!

Live by a Guidance most honorable

Be strong in faith and steadfast not gullible

Acquire the beauty and wisdom of the Qur'an

Enrich our souls and expel the Shaitaan

Behold! A beginning, brings Light perfect

Sheds peace and tranquility in this life and the Next

A glorious ray of hope, a source of our Imaan

Comes from the beauty of AL-Islam!

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Slaves of Allah!

Reflect with your gift of wisdom

Turn to your maker, vast in His kingdom

Believe in the Truth and secure your fate

Perfect the submission, bow down and prostrate

Success will reach you, no longer afar

Crown your prosperity - declare 'My Lord Is Allah'

And be a witness to mankind, pronounce the Shahadah:


'I bear witness that no God exists but Allah and Muhammad Is His Messenger'

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