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(salam) kaisay hain aap sab aik uncle say mulaqat hui baray parishan hain kay un ki bahooin namaz ki tu paband hain but jhoot bohut bolti hain baal katwa rakhain hain baal high light kya hua hai larkon ko dekhanay ko baal always khulay rakhti hain allah maaf karay shalwar 9ankle) say bhi bohut uper hoti hai unhoo nay mujh say kaha hai kay quran aur sunnat ka hawala day tu wo sab mails apni bahuon ko forward kur daingay aap sab jis bhi tarah un ki madad kurna chahey karay
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ss aap yahan just un k Questions post krti.......


phir jo members un k replies krty to aap wo replies unko mail kr deti.........

cz v r not allowed to share email adresses here on IM.......!!!!

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assalaam-o-alikum haan ss yee tu ghalati hogaee ab un ka sawal hai tu yahan naa koi bhi plz email adress edit kur dain coz i don't know how to remove this and give me replies i req. to all of my sisters then i will paste him thanks

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salaamoalaikum wa rahmatullah

1 islami behen ne khuch hfte pehle apne uncle ki pareshani ka tazkira kiya tha

this is the answer for her to forward her uncle













............ continue

app puri book www.dawateislami.net se parh skti hen







Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat narrates; It was the last Friday in the Islamic month of shaban. We held a Madani Ijtima in Karachi, this ijtima lasted all night, during the ijtima a young man met me and narrated the following incident, a young daughter of a very good friend of mine suddenly died. When we had completed the burial and were returning, the father of the deceased realized that he had accidentally left a bag which contained important papers with his young daughter. As a matter of great need we had to re-open the grave, what we saw made us scream with extreme fear because the same young girl who we had just covered in a new piece of cloth was now sitting up straight with her shroud torn. Her legs were tied with the hair on her head and small frightening animals which we did not recognize were stuck to her. We forgot what we had come for and without even retrieving the bag we covered the grave and ran from there. When I returned home, I inquired about the sins of this young girl. Her relatives revealed that she possessed no such bad habits, but like the young girls of today, she practiced unveiling and she was very fashionable and never used to cover herself. Recently, there was a wedding in her family, and like other women she also cut her hair and joined the other women without covering at all.

Just as women are not allowed to come out unveiled in front of men (strangers), the same way there is an order of veiling in front of cousins. No matter how close or how distant cousins, the veil has to be there. As a matter of fact, there is a very strict emphasis on the concept of veiling between brother-in-law and sister-in-law (that is, a woman and her husband's brothers, and a man and his wife's sisters). There is an order of veiling even in those cases where you make someone your brother or sister (without blood relation, that is, not same parents) and even between a teacher and students ( a saint and his female followers). When a child starts knowing the difference between male and female, then veiling between the child and the woman should start, even if the child was adopted.


talibe maghfirat


Sagiyah Attar





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Walaikum Salaam


wahaan pr mein ne reply keya hai or madani resail ki links b insert ki hein.

ap ne wohi links new thread bana k insert karde hein

barae madina thread pehle se bana howa hai isi leye usi mein reply kiya karein..



wasslam ma'al ikraam

Edited by Hanafi Muslima
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Dear Hanafi Muslimah


i was so worried n sad reading the problem faced by that islamic sis that i didnt even notice that u already hav given the links there. :unsure:

i really wanted to help her


talibe dua o maghfirat

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